Cash for coal clunkers will only prolong energy problems


The Greens Leader, Adam Bandt, says the ‘coalkeeper’ subsidy to ageing coal power plants will slow the overdue modernisation of the Australian energy network.

The Labor Resources Minister has called for coal-fired power stations to be brought online as Energy Ministers meet to discuss the dramatic increase in energy prices caused by Australia’s failure to reduce reliance on coal and gas.

The ACT Minister attending the meeting today will be ACT Greens Leader, Shane Rattenbury, who led the territory’s transition to 100% renewable energy, which has delivered a reduction in energy bills for Canberrans as the rest of the nation faces steep rises. 

Quotes attributable to Adam Bandt MP:

“Propping up coal-fired power stations is throwing good money after bad.

“No amount of patching up these dirty clunkers will fix the problem. 

“We need accelerated investment in new wind, solar, transmission and batteries, not more money for coal.

“The lesson from the ACT could not be clearer: go 100% renewables, break up with fossil fuels and reap the benefits of cheaper, cleaner, reliable energy.

“The Greens took a comprehensive plan to the election to phase Australia out of coal and gas by 2030 through a big government build of renewables and grid upgrades and we’re putting it on the table in this Parliament.”