Environment Minister must rule out new coal projects


The Federal Environment Minister must rule out approving the 27 new coal projects set to come across her desk according to analysis by the Sunrise Project, the Greens say.

Greens Environment Spokesperson Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said:

“Approving new coal and gas mines that pollute the environment and make climate change worse is a climate crime.

"The Environment Minister needs to stare down the fossil fuel lobby and take a stand for our environment. 

“No mine should be given approval from the Minister without assessing the climate pollution it will create, alongside the the impact on our threatened species. 

“It is a furphy to give ‘environmental approval’ for a coal or gas mine without considering the environmental damage of climate pollution.

"There are 27 coal projects the Environment Minister could rule out today. The cumulative emissions from these projects is 35 times Australia's annual emissions, there is absolutely no way they can go ahead and any climate target that prevents further warming be met. 

"The Great Barrier Reef will be gone, there will be more fires and floods, and our iconic native species like the koala will no longer exist in the wild. 

"If the environment is really back, then the Minister will prioritise it over new fossil fuel projects that destroy it. 

"The Greens will be pushing in the new parliament for an overhaul of our broken environment laws and the inclusion of  a 'climate trigger' that assesses the climate impacts of a mine, development or land clearing proposal. 

"The Albanese Government has an opportunity to rule out any new coal and gas projects at the Pacific Forum this week, and show our neighbours it is serious about tackling the climate crisis and saving our environment."