Greens to push for pilot to fully electrify homes and vehicles in entire town


Media release 

Greens Leader Adam Bandt has announced a new election policy for a $235 million “electrify everything” pilot program in both a suburb and a regional town.

Addressing the Smart Energy Council and Expo in Sydney today Mr Bandt said the pilot would show that by 2025 it will be cost effective for households to substitute conventional appliances with efficient electric alternatives, largely powered by rooftop and community solar and batteries, and also powering household Electric Vehicles (EV).

The pilot will see homes and businesses provided with solar and batteries, replace gas and an EV to demonstrate the benefits of a suburb or town wide installation.

The Greens would anticipate this project being delivered in a suburb of a major city and regional town and could support the rebuilding of towns and villages hit by climate disasters such as Lismore or Ulmarra in the Northern Rivers.

The Greens would task ARENA with administering the project, partnering with a local distribution network, to be financed by the Greens newly established $25 billion FutureGrid

Corporation as well as the existing $10 billion Clean Energy Finance Corporation. The Greens climate plan includes investing $500 million into ARENA in the first year of the forward estimates.

The project will see the installation of solar power, electric heating and cooking and an electric vehicle for every home that wants to participate in a specific area and could include the installation of community batteries at a local substation level.

These suburbs will become a model of the future for everyone and an opportunity to show the world what is possible.

The pilot project will run over two years, and will result in a cost savings for the homes in the pilot project.

Running a pilot project will develop trade and industry knowledge to make the most of this opportunity, reducing installation costs, increasing efficiency, and bringing savings on energy bills sooner.

This home electrification will rapidly reduce Australia’s emissions, while improving the quality of living of Australian homes at all income levels.

The pilot program is inspired by Saul Griffith engineer and author of Big Switch and high profile campaigner for electrification.

Greens Leader Adam Bandt said:

“It’s time to electrify.

“We need to get off of coal and gas, connect the nation and get people onto cheaper, cleaner energy.

“It’s time to get off the gas, get batteries in our homes, and solar on the roof. We will show this works at scale, creating jobs and powering up a community.

“That’s why we want to create a pilot project for a suburb and regional town to power past coal and gas, and unlock all the benefits of clean, renewable energy,

“This will not only bring down costs for people, it will create jobs and industry know-how to be able to get ready for the transition we need to get off coal and gas.

“The Greens will drive clean, cheap renewable energy through this pilot project, and power past coal and gas”, said Mr Bandt.

Rewiring Australia founder Dr Saul Griffith said:

"Rewiring Australia is working with parties and candidates across the political spectrum to help them understand the benefits that electrification will bring for electorates across Australia.

“Electrification is the fastest, most cost effective way to slash emissions. It also demolishes household energy bills by $5,000 per year, bringing serious financial relief to folks who are feeling the pinch.

“The Greens have clearly grasped the opportunity offered by electrification. More than three million Australian homes already enjoy the incredible benefit of solar panels thanks to modest investment from Government to foster that industry. Now we can go further and fully electrify our homes and cars.”