Labor should stand up for fair-go economics & oppose Stage 3 shake up


Greens SA Senator, Sarah Hanson-Young, has joined with Greens Senate Candidate for SA in calling for Labor to reverse their support for the Morrison government's dismantling of Australia's progressive taxation system.

Lines attributable to Senator Sarah Hanson-Young:

"The Liberals and Labor are on a joint ticket when it comes to giving federal politicians a $9,000 tax cut, while minimum-wage workers - like those in aged care - get nothing."

"Why should we give a huge, permanent tax cut to Bank CEOs and Federal politicians, while low paid workers get nothing?"

Quotes attributable to Barbara Pocock, Greens Senate Candidate for SA and Emeritus Professor of Economics:

"It doesn't pass the pub test or a 101 economics class."

"The Greens will oppose the Stage 3 tax cuts and we call on the opposition to do their job and join us.

"You don't need to be a professor of economics to realize that low paid workers are more likely than the wealthy to spend their tax cut back into the economy.

"But as a Professor of Economics it is obvious to me that this isn't fair and doesn't stack up. And I think  that a lot of South Australians who care about a fair go, would agree with me."

"The extreme changes as part of the Stage 3 tax shake up will take us closer to a flat-tax society like the US and undermine the 'fair go' that we expect in Australia."

"If I'm elected to the Senate for SA, I'll vote to block and reverse these cuts as one step towards a fairer go in our tax system."

Barbara Pocock is the Greens Senate candidate for South Australia and an Emeritus Professor of Economics in the  Business School at UniSA.