A real plan for Tasmanian women



This election is a real chance to deliver for Tasmanian women, with the Greens in the balance of power to push the next government to go further on preventing violence, fixing the gender pay gap, and improving paid parental leave.

Lines attributable to Greens Senator for Tasmania Peter Whish-Wilson:

“Women’s equality is not just women’s work.”

“Nearly 60% of people underemployed in Tasmania are women, often unable to get more work because they cannot access childcare or find flexible work that accommodates acting responsibilities. The Greens’ plan will help more women get back to work and give families more options for sharing care.” 

“Economists and women’s economic security advocates have for years called for stronger paid parental leave, including paying superannuation on leave."

"This government has rejected those calls, and Labor are prevaricating. Only the Greens have a clear policy to increase paid parental leave to 26 weeks on full pay (up to $100,000), pay superannuation, and support the 5,000 Tasmanian parents taking leave each year to share the caring leave fairly between them.”

“The patriarchal culture in Australia has not served men or women well, and the persistence of gendered violence shows how much we need to change. Our plan for comprehensive respectful relationships education from early education onwards and early intervention and prevention programs will help to change attitudes and behaviours.”

“Our platform is a comprehensive plan for gender equality, safety, and improving attitudes towards women in young men that helps break down the stereotypes that have been a handbrake on progress.”

Lines attributable to Greens deputy leader and spokesperson on women Senator Larissa Waters:

“Tasmanian women deserve the Greens’ comprehensive plan to end violence against women, address the gender pay gap, tackle gender inequality and reform paid parental leave."

“Australia is in an epidemic of gendered violence and harassment where one in three women experience abuse in their lifetime, and the statistics are no different in Tasmania."

“More than 700 women have been killed by violence in the 12 years since the first National Plan to Reduce Violence Against Women and Their Children was adopted, including the recent tragic murder of Tasmanian woman Rachel Wake."

“From the Morrison Government we’ve seen inadequate funding for frontline DV support services, failure to redress the gender inequality that drives gendered violence, and a woeful lack of understanding of the issues women face."

“Enough is enough, and Tasmanian women deserve a government that actually listens and acts to end this national crisis of violence against women."

“The Greens have proudly pledged to fully fund frontline support services in Tasmania and right across the nation, with a costed policy that would ensure no woman who reaches out for help is turned away for lack of resourcing."

“Last year alone, nearly 900 women and children were turned away from Hobart Women’s Shelter because there were no beds available."

“With balance of power in the Senate, we can push for the $1 billion per year that the women’s safety sector says is needed to meet existing demand for legal services, emergency accommodation and trauma support."

“Too often, women are forced to choose between violence and homelessness, because they cannot afford to leave or have no place to go."

"The Greens’ costed policies would build one million new affordable homes including crisis accommodation, provide $10,000 Survivor Grants to support those fleeing abuse to start over, and require businesses to provide 10 days paid domestic violence leave for all workers."

“We’ll fund innovative women’s safety and criminal justice initiatives, like monitoring programs for persistent perpetrators piloted in Tasmania, and reform the family law system to adopt a safety-first approach which reduces the time and cost for Tasmanians to resolve family disputes."

“In the workplace, the Greens would close the nearly 10% gender pay gap in Tasmania by increasing the minimum wage (to 60% of the median wage), requiring workplaces to take action to close the gap and provide a safe workplace, and providing free childcare to facilitate more workforce participation."

“Tasmanian women deserve to be safe, financially secure, and respected at work, at home, and in public.  Only the Greens have a comprehensive plan to achieve that.”

The plan will:

  • Invest the $12 billion frontline support services say is needed to ensure no victim-survivor is turned away when they seek help, and double funding for legal services so people can access the advice they need
  • Reform the family law system to adopt a safety-first approach, reduce the time and cost for Tasmanians to resolve family disputes, and ensure all judges understand the dynamics of family violence
  • Ensure Tasmania’s nearly 200 public schools are supported to implement the comprehensive Our Watch Respectful Relationships education program
  • Support women fleeing abusive relationships by providing $10,000 Survivor Grants and 10 days paid domestic violence leave
  • Implement a detailed, outcome-focused National Plan to End Violence Against Women and Children addressing the particular needs of and a standalone National Plan designed and implemented by First Nations women and community organisations
  • Fully implement the Respect at Work recommendations to ensure all Tasmanian workplaces are safe and free from harassment
  • Provide more support to around 5,000 Tasmanian parents each year by funding 26 weeks paid parental leave, making top-up superannuation contributions for parents on low incomes, and giving families more options to share caring responsibilities more fairly
  • Close the gender pay gap by increasing the minimum wage, providing free childcare to facilitate more workforce participation, and requiring workplaces to take action to close the gap
  • Address the housing crisis by building one million homes for crisis accommodation, social housing, affordable homes, and providing more protection for renters so women can have a secure, affordable home throughout their lives
  • Raise income support payments to create a liveable income guarantee and ensure no one in Tasmania lives below the poverty line