A people-first response to COVID-19

The pandemic affects everyone. But not everyone has the same resources to keep safe.

Australia is a wealthy country. We can fight the pandemic and ensure everyone’s looked after if we put people, not profit, first.

The Covid chaos and mismanagement we experience daily is a direct result of a government that let billionaires and big corporations dictate the pandemic response.

From the beginning, critical decisions were made in consultation with donors, lobbyists, and the Liberals' corporate mates, putting advice from experts, doctors, and scientists at the bottom of the pile. On top of that, decades of privatisation and underfunding of public infrastructure and frontline services have left Australia in a precarious position.

The Greens' plan acts now, not just to mitigate Covid, but to emerge with a stronger, more resilient health system, cutting-edge domestic vaccination production, safer schools, and better rights for all workers – and we’ll fund it by taxing big corporations and billionaires.

Did you know
Through the pandemic, the Greens have stood for fully supporting people through lockdowns, free rapid tests, domestic mRNA production, and a school ventilation plan. Labor has later joined us on those positions, and in balance of power, the Greens can kick Morrison out and push the next government to deliver the services Australia needs, especially in a pandemic.

Australia has everything to gain from a government that will step up and take responsibility to look after people, not just corporate profits.

So far, we have successfully helped:

✅ Protect Renters, nationwide (commercial and residential) with eviction bans
Thousands of people added their voice to our campaign. We kicked off changes in NSW and TAS state parliaments on a Tuesday and Wednesday. We wrote to the PM, Premiers and Chief Ministers' National Cabinet, and by Sunday agreement had been reached. This is people power. We're working to reinstate these bans in affected areas like NSW and Victoria.

✅ Additional income support for people on JobSeeker (Newstart)
Individuals on JobSeeker received an additional $550 COVID supplement during the crisis throughout much of 2021, and a temporarily lift on mutual obligation requirements until 27 April 2020. While these measures were only temporary, we're continuing to fight for permanent improvements.

✅ Additional income support for Students on Youth Allowance, Austudy and Abstudy
Students received an additional $550 COVID supplement throughout much of 2021. While these measures were only temporary, we're continuing the fight for permanent improvements.

✅ Support for the Not For Profit sector - Originally shut out of the government’s small business support package, many organisations that provide support to the most vulnerable people in our communities received access to support to keep their services functioning.

We will fight to make sure you won’t be left behind.

Together, we’re powerful.

We're fighting to get real climate action, make the big corporations and billionaires pay their fair share of tax, and get dental and mental health in Medicare. The Greens are fighting for your future.