Office Bearers and Party Contacts

Queensland Greens office bearers and contacts

For Greens contacts in other states or at the federal level please visit Australian Greens Contacts.

To get in touch with our federal MPs, including our Queensland Senator, please visit the Greens MPs site.

To contact our state MP, Michael Berkman, please visit Michael Berkman MP for Maiwar, or call 07 3737 4100, or email

To contact our BCC Councillor, Jonathan Sri Councillor for The Gabba Ward, visit The Gabba Ward site, or call 07 3403 2165 or email

For all other enquiries (or if you are unsure who to contact) please get in touch with our Queensland state office via our contact page, email ( or phone on 07 3357 8458.

Media Enquiries


State Office

State Director: Kitty Carra -

Finance Officer: David Keogh -

State Office Manager & Membership Admin: Ell-Leigh Ackerman -

Management Committee​

State Convenor: Duncan Munro -

State Secretary: Kate Dall -

State Treasurer: Sue Etheridge -

​​Campaign Convenor: Amy MacMahon -

Membership Convenor: Lenore Keough -

​​Policy Convenor: Abraham O'Neill

Lead National Delegate: Ruby Ludski

Rural & Regional Convenor: Thomas Coyne -

​Queensland Campaign Committee

​​Campaign Convenor: Amy MacMahon -​

Campaign Secretary: Kirsten Kennedy -

Campaign Treasurer: Nicole Laffoley-

Lead National Delegate: Ruby Ludski

Queensland Campaign Committee General Members - Lyle Burness, Max Chandler-Mather, John Meyer, Priscilla Peto and Kirsten Lovejoy. 

​Policy Committee​​

Policy Convenor: Abraham O'Neill -

Environment Policy Working Group: Chris Baker -

Society & Justice Policy Working Group: currently vacant -

Regional Policy Working Group: Rob Walter -

Governance & Democracy Policy Working Group: Alexis Pink -

Planning & Transport Policy Working Group: Marci Webster-Mannison -

Health & Welfare Policy Working Group: Steven Purcell -

Education Policy Working Group: Michelle Duncan -

Local Government Policy Working Group: Jason Kennedy -

Communications Working Group

General Members - Thomas Coyne, Lenore Keough, Kerryn Thorne -

Constitution and Arbitration Committee

Convenor - Kate Dall -

Voting Members - Andrew Bartlett, Simone Dejun, Erich Schulz, Janine Stephen, Kirsty Petersen -

Member Interest Groups

Queensland Greens Women’s Network (QGWN) -

Queensland Rainbow Greens -

Queensland Greens Participatory Democracy Circle (PDC) -

Queensland Young Greens (QYG) -

Queensland Greens Supporters of First Peoples -


Senator Larissa Waters -, 07 3367 0566

Michael Berkman, MP -, 07 3737 4100

Councillor Jonathan Sri -, 07 3403 2165

Duncan Munro, State Convenor -, 0431 990 115

Kate Dall, Michelle Duncan, Daile Kelleher, Thomas Coyne, Alice Lethborg, elected State Spokespeople – collectively at

For federal policies please contact the relevant federal Greens MP (portfolio list here).