Michael Berkman

I'm the Member for Maiwar and the first Greens representative elected to Queensland Parliament. 

I moved from Toowoomba to Toowong for university and have lived in Brisbane ever since. My partner and I now live in Bardon with my three kids.

Before entering politics I was a public interest environmental lawyer working in a community legal centre, representing communities in court cases against companies like Adani. My work there focused on fighting thermal coal projects that threaten surrounding ecosystems, communities and farmland, not to mention our climate. This experience led me to realise that our local area, indeed our State, desperately needs a different kind of representation in the Queensland Parliament.

We need representatives who are willing to stand up to big corporations and guarantee everyone a good life and a safe climate future. I’m working for a society that provides an affordable home for everyone, good steady jobs, free universal health and education, fast and cheap public transport, all powered by 100% publicly owned clean energy.

As the local Member for Maiwar, I see the impacts of profit-driven development and a broken political system. While dangerous climate change is speeding up and inequality is getting worse. Profit-driven unsustainable development is spreading across our local area with no thought for the impact on local schools, public transport or roads that are already under pressure. Big developers routinely ignore neighbourhood plans and public needs, but they’re almost always approved by Brisbane City Council without proper community consultation, partly thanks to our broken State planning laws.

I want to see our parliament put residents before corporate profits so that our system works for everyone. That’s why I’m fighting to clean up politics, by banning political donations from profit-driven corporate interests, capping all political donations, and improving transparency and accountability in government. It’s time we put the power back in the hands of everyday people.

I’m trying to do things differently. Rather than focusing on flashy photo opportunities, I try to focus on meaningful change. A big focus is helping locals to exercise influence over decisions that affect their lives, as well as pushing for positive improvements to our local area and state. Every week I’m out and about hosting community events, meetings, and pop-up offices, so please come and say hi.

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