Our Plan for Queensland

Here's what we've announced so far:


Genuinely Free State Schools

Public education should be free. But last year Queensland parents had to pay $89 million in school service fees, and millions more in extra costs.

Jobs and Homes Plan

The Greens will make big banks and massive mining corporations pay their fair share to create 20,000 jobs a year building 100,000 public homes over four years.

More for Qld, less for mining billionaires

If we had fair royalty rates over the last 4 years, the Qld Government would have an extra $55 billion for hospitals, schools and public infrastructure.

Cheaper Bills, More Jobs

Queenslanders need jobs & lower costs of living. We should increase royalties on mining corporations & create thousands of jobs via investment in renewables.

Bring Qld private hospitals into public hands

Healthcare should be for the public good, not private profits.

Create a public pharmaceutical company

It's clear we can’t rely on profit hungry private pharmaceutical corporations to develop the life saving vaccines we need.

Introduce a Big Bank Levy

It’s time we had a little more for Queenslanders, and a little less for the big banks.

Truly universal and free public healthcare

Our public health system doesn’t have enough hospitals, beds, nurses or doctors. And it’s not just the coronavirus crisis at fault.