Our Plan for Queensland

Here's our fully costed plan to create thousands of good secure jobs and fully fund public health and education, funded by making big mining corporations, banks and developers pay their fair share in tax.

COVID-19 Economic Recovery Plan

The Greens' four year economic recovery plan will create 78,000 jobs per year by investing in public services and infrastructure.

Fully Funded Health & Education

The Greens will tax mining corporations & banks to fully fund public health & education.

Free Hospital Parking

The Greens will scrap hospital parking fees and make access to public healthcare genuinely universal and free.

Free School Breakfast and Lunch

The Queensland Greens will introduce a universal, free healthy breakfast and lunch program to run at every state primary and secondary school in Queensland.

How our plans are funded

The Greens will raise $67 billion over the next four years by making big banks, developers and mining corporations pay their fair share in state-based taxes.

100% Publicly Owned Renewable Energy

The Greens will create 23,000 jobs a year and transition to 100% renewable energy by 2030.

A publicly funded and paid GP for every community

The Greens will establish 200 free public health clinics across Queensland with public funded and salaried GPs, nurses, and allied health professionals.

Fully Funded Public Healthcare

The Greens will build 200 public health clinics with bulk billing GPs, hire 9,500 more public doctors and nurses and 21,000 more public hospital beds.

Free Sport for Qld Kids

Every child should have the right to play organised sport, regardless of their parents’ ability to pay.

Free, reliable and frequent public transport

In the midst of a historic recession, essential services that get our economy going and help people participate in their communities should be free.

Revive Qld Manufacturing

The Greens will revive manufacturing in Qld and create 19,500 jobs a year by establishing publicly owned wind turbine, solar panel and green steel factories.

Raise Mining Royalties

The Greens will make mining corporations pay their fair share in tax by raising mining royalties.


The Greens will create 20,000 jobs a year all across Queensland by building 100,000 public homes over four years.


The Greens will invest an extra $7 billion over four years to make state schools full funded and genuinely free by abolishing service fees.

Levy the Big Banks

The Greens will raise $4.7 billion over four years by imposing a modest levy of 0.05% on the 5 biggest banks operating in Qld.

Stop Corruption

Over the last decade Labor and the LNP have taken $100 million in donations from corporations, including big mining corporations and property developers

Cut Electricity Bills by 46%

The Greens will reverse electricity privatisation in Qld and slash electricity bills by 46%.

Overhaul the Planning Act

The Greens will take power from the developers and give it back to everyday Queenslanders.

Support and Fund Our Fire Fighters

The Greens will hire 1,400 new full time equivalent paid firefighters in Queensland.

Public Pharmaceutical Company

The Greens will establish a publicly owned pharmaceutical company to develop vaccines, antibiotics and drugs that private pharma deem unprofitable.

Developer Tax

The Greens will introduce a 75% developer tax on land value gains from rezoning, reducing corruption and raising $7.8 billion over four years.