Our Plan for Queensland

Here's what we've announced so far:


Raise Mining Royalties

The Greens will make mining corporations pay their fair share in tax by raising mining royalties.


The Greens will build 200 public health clinics with bulk billing GPs, hire 9,500 more public doctors and nurses and 21,000 more public hospital beds.


The Greens will create 20,000 jobs a year all across Queensland by building 100,000 public homes over four years.


The Greens will invest an extra $7 billion over four years to make state schools full funded and genuinely free by abolishing service fees.

Levy the Big Banks

The Greens will raise $4.7 billion over four years by imposing a modest levy of 0.05% on the 5 biggest banks operating in Qld.


The Greens will the reverse electricity privatisation in Qld, slashing electricity bills by 46% and creating 23,000 jobs a year in publicly-owned renewables.

Nationalise Qld Private Hospitals

The Greens will rapidly expand Qld's public health system by bringing private hospitals into public hands, guaranteeing the jobs of all hospital workers.

Public Pharmaceutical Company

The Greens will establish a publicly owned pharmaceutical company to develop vaccines, antibiotics and drugs that private pharma deem unprofitable.

Developer Tax

The Greens will introduce a 75% developer tax on land value gains from rezoning, reducing corruption and raising $7.8 billion over four years.