Our Plan for Queensland

The Queensland state election is on Saturday 26 October 2024.

A little more for regular Queenslanders, a little less for big corporations.

Every day it feels like life gets harder, while Labor and the LNP put corporate profits ahead of everyday people. 

The Greens are running to win up to 10 seats and break apart the two-party system forever. 

Real change starts with electing someone who’ll fight for you and what you believe in.

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Fix the housing crisis

Freeze rents for 2 years, cap rent increases on-going, and give renters a guaranteed right to lease renewal. Build 100,000 well-designed public homes to rent or buy for below market rate.

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Tackle climate change 

Since coming to power, Queensland Labor has approved 38 new coal mines, and both Labor and the LNP want to open up 15 more. We’ll stop new coal and gas mines, invest in 100% public renewables by 2030 and establish new industries in green manufacturing.

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Universal, free healthcare

Clear the elective surgery waiting list and fix emergency departments by properly investing in public hospitals. Establish free public GP clinics so everyone can see a bulk-billing doctor.

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Cheaper groceries 

Drive down prices by breaking up the Coles and Woolies duopoly and stopping corporate price gouging for essentials.

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Fully funded and free education

Tackle cost of living for families by making childcare, kindy, public schools & TAFE truly free and well-funded, including public school excursion and technology costs.

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Take back control with public ownership

Over decades, Labor and the LNP have privatised essential services and key infrastructure like ports, airport, railways & energy, putting corporate profits over the common good. It’s time to take back control of our economy with public ownership of essential services. 

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Make big corporations pay their fair share

Fund a better life for all Queenslanders by fairly taxing coal & gas, big developers and big banks.

Freeze rents and guarantee lease renewals

We'll freeze rents for two years followed by a 1% cap on annual rent increases, and introduce guaranteed lease renewals.

Fair Share Plan: Raise Mining Royalties

We'll make big mining corporations pay their fair share to fund the things Queenslanders need to live a good life.