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Now more than ever before we need to build a movement capable of transforming our society.


Whether it’s joining our online forums, training sessions or calling from home, we’ve got a plan to win and it involves you.


Unlike Labor and the Coalition, we don’t take donations from big business. We have something far more powerful. You.

Our Vision

Bring Qld private hospitals into public hands

Healthcare should be for the public good, not private profits.

Introduce a Queensland Big Bank Levy

It’s time we had a little more for Queenslanders, and a little less for the big banks.

World class public healthcare

Our public health system doesn’t have enough hospitals, beds, nurses or doctors. And it’s not just the coronavirus crisis at fault.

Our People

Meet the people who power our movement.

Our Representatives

We have representatives at all levels of parliament in Queensland, fighting for a future for all of us.

Our Candidates

After our Council results, we’re in a position to win up to 7 Greens representatives in the Queensland parliament.