Queensland Donation Disclosures

Thank you for your support.

Please note the following information about contributions to the Queensland Greens:

  • As a matter of principle the Queensland Greens only accept donations from individuals rather than businesses or corporations.
  • The Queensland Greens believe in transparency and integrity in Government and our Queensland Senator Larissa Waters is the portfolio holder that manages the website Democracy for Sale which tracks who is influencing politics in Australia.
  • Donations from an individual that total $1000 or more in a financial year will be publicly disclosed on the Electoral Commission of Queensland (ECQ) electronic disclosure system. See our list of donors for past financial years.
  • Donors should note that up to $1500 of membership fees and donations from an individual in a financial year are tax deductible.
  • Donors should note that it is illegal for a prohibited donor to give to a political party or candidate. See more information on prohibited donors.
  • Donors should note that donations for Federal or Local Government electoral purposes are not capped, however political donations for State Elections over the four year period between elections are subject to a cap of $6000 per donor. Note that not all donations made during an election are political donations and caps only apply to political donations.
  • Donors must provide a return to the Australian Electoral Commission within 20 weeks of the end of a financial year if their total donations in that financial year for any purpose exceed $15,200.
  • Donors must provide a return to the Electoral Commission of Queensland within 21 days of making the donation if their total donations in the relevant six month period exceeds $1000.