Ban Corruption in Queensland

Whether it’s millions of dollars in donations, special cash meetings or cushy lobbyists jobs for retiring politicians, Labor and LNP politicians represent their big corporate mates - not Queenslanders. 

They're sell outs

The days of Bjelke-Petersen aren’t over - the politicians, developers and criminals have just gotten better at hiding it. Our system is rigged in favour of big corporations - and while Labor and the LNP dominate Queensland politics, nothing will change.

Property developers, gambling corporations and mining corporations get billions of dollars worth of favourable decisions from the Queensland Government.

Quick facts

The Queensland Greens will:

  • Ban for-profit corporate donations
  • Stop ‘cash-for-access’ meetings with government ministers
  • Give our corruption watchdog, the CCC, real power
  • Stop politicians from walking into cushy lobbyist jobs

Our plan to ban corruption in Queensland

When elected, a Greens MP will move to overhaul our broken system in the first hundred days of the new Parliament. We’ll move to break up the cosy relationship between Labor, the LNP and big corporations.

The Queensland Greens will:

Ban dodgy corporate donations

Corporate donations to political parties are legalised bribery. The Queensland Greens will ban donations from for-profit corporations like property developers, financial institutions, gambling and fossil fuel corporations.

In the last decade Labor and the LNP have taken $10 million from property developer, financial institutions, gambling and fossil fuel corporations. These donations work to rig our political system in favour of the 1%.

Ban all 'cash-for-access' meetings with Government Ministers and MPs

Big corporations and lobbyists can pay thousands of dollars to get special access to state Labor government ministers - and it’s completely legal. Property developers, gambling corporations and mining corporations have secured special access to Labor Government ministers just because they can afford to pay.

The Queensland Greens will ban ‘cash-for-access’ meetings. Access to our government shouldn’t be determined by your ability to pay.

Give our anti-corruption watchdog teeth

The Newman LNP Government gutted the CCC, Queensland's corruption watchdog, and the Palaszczuk Labor Government have not done enough to give it the power it needs to police dodgy politicians and public officials in Queensland.

It's time to give the CCC teeth by adopting the powers of the NSW ICAC. We will expand the CCC’s definition of corruption to include a wider range of conduct. Right now the CCC can only investigate conduct that would be considered a criminal offence or grounds for dismissal.

We will also make the CCC hold public hearings so the public knows what’s going on in our state. Dodgy politicians should have nowhere to hide.

Jam the revolving door between politics and lobbyists

Queensland politicians only have to wait two years before they can stroll into an over-paid lobbyist job. Ex-Labor and LNP politicians have gone on to lobby for big mining and property developer donations, working to sell out Queenslanders. What's worse "industry associations" like the Minerals Council aren't even covered by the existing weak laws, so politicians can lobby for big mining corporations whenever they want.

We'll double the waiting period for politicians to become lobbyists to four years, so they have to wait at least full-term of parliament before they can lobby for big dodgy corporations. And we’ll make sure “industry associations” are captured by the law.

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