(Adopted October 2016)


The Queensland Greens believe that:

1. The arts, cultural activities and the creative industries (henceforth termed “Arts”) are fundamental to the wellbeing of all Queenslanders and should be valued as integral to Queensland’s cultural heritage/way of life;

2. The unique and diverse character of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples’ culture and heritage must be respected, protected and promoted;

3. The community has a right to reasonable and affordable access to the arts as audiences and participants, and there should be sufficient funding to support this;

4. The arts are an important contributor to the Queensland economy through driving innovation, creating sustainable jobs, and attracting tourism and investment; and

5. The environmental impact of the production and consumption of art should be minimised.


The Queensland Greens will:

1. Provide/work towards a substantial increase in funding for the arts in Queensland to support:

a. established arts companies and programs;

b. new and emerging artists;

c. programs for disadvantaged and vulnerable groups e.g., people with disability, migrants, prisoners, and juvenile justice detainees;

d. programs that promote health and wellbeing, including in the aged, mental health and disability sectors;

e. programs for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people

2. Encourage government bodies to support the arts by using, wherever possible, the services of Queenslanders:

a. in the development and production of educational,consultation and promotional materials;

b. to enhance public buildings and spaces e.g. through live performances, sculpture, painting.

3. Protect and encourage the provision of live entertainment in venues by:

a. Reducing administrative burden and cost;

b. Discouraging reliance on gambling as a source of revenue;

c. Ensuring adequate transport and public safety measures are in place.

4. Ensure that all legislation impacting on the arts e.g. liquor licensing, workplace laws, is framed to maximise opportunities for artistic endeavour, employment, innovation and promotion.