(Adopted August 2014; updated May 2023)


The Queensland Greens believe that:

  1. Individuals have the choice to gamble. However, gambling can cause serious social and economic harm to people, families and communities.
  2. Gambling opportunities should be limited, not increased.
  3. The harms of gambling are disproportionately borne by those experiencing socioeconomic disadvantage.
  4. An evidence-driven public health approach must be used to prevent and minimise gambling harm.
  5. Poker machines and online gambling are significant sources of harm, and must be prioritised for harm reduction strategies.
  6. Gambling products should not be promoted.
  7. Gambling products should not be designed for children.
  8. Gambling venues are designed to increase gambling harm, which is unacceptable.
  9. The racing of animals causes unjustifiable harm.
  10. Government action on gambling must be independent of industry bias, and must prioritise the health and social wellbeing of people ahead of gambling industry interests and government revenue.
  11. The State Government, political parties, clubs and community organisations should not depend on gambling as a major source of revenue.
  12. Strong transparency, accountability, and anti-corruption actions in the gambling industry are essential.
  13. State government income from gambling revenues should be used specifically for the treatment and support of people experiencing gambling harm and their families, and for monitoring and enforcing regulation on the gambling industry.


The Queensland Greens will:

  1. Use evidence-driven reform to address the intentionally addiction-inducing practices of the gambling industry.
  2. Eliminate the ability to use cash in gambling venues.
  3. Not issue new casino licences.
  4. Phase out poker machines throughout the state, and implement the following interim measures:
    1.  Introduce bet limits, mandatory pre-commitments cards and other measures to reduce the harm from electronic gaming machines;
    2.  Cap winnings payable by a cashier at $250, with additional winnings being payable only by bank transfer;
    3.  Ban incentives to gamble, including the provision of free food and drink;
    4.  “Plain package” poker machines by:
      1. Remove lights and sounds from poker machines;
      2. Remove branding of poker machines;
      3.  Mandate that all poker machines are to be a standard grey colour.
  5. Reduce the harm of online gambling using the following measures:
    1. Require that transactions are denominated in real-world currency;
    2.  Restrict video game loot boxes or other randomised content in exchange for real-world currency and games that contain pay-to-win mechanisms to individuals over 18 years of age;
    3.  Require that the odds of winning in-game items be clearly shown including the average cost in real-world currency to obtain any particular item;
    4.  Restrict third-party websites that offer skin-gambling features;
    5.  Restrict the advertising and sale of online games that encourage gambling with real-world currency;
    6.  Introduce spending limits;
    7.  Ban gambling promotions and inducements;
    8.  Ensure consumer protection tools are prominent and easily accessible on betting apps and websites;
    9.  Ensure website design reduces the risk of problem gambling;
    10.  Ensure default opt-out of notifications and other marketing;
    11.  Require all online gambling accessible in Australia to be registered in Australia.
  6. Advocate for national action to ban gambling advertisements and sponsorship during sports broadcasts and children’s television viewing.
  7. Support governments, clubs and community organisations to phase out their reliance on gambling revenue.
  8. Change electoral laws to prevent organisations that are beneficiaries of gambling revenues from giving political donations.
  9. Increase gambling taxes to reflect the level of public harm it causes.
  10. Ensure adequate support services for people and their families adversely affected by gambling. These support services must not further stigmatise those experiencing gambling harm and must be delivered by appropriate organisations.
  11. Ensure independent statutory oversight of gambling and racing.
  12. Improve monitoring of gambling industry conduct, and ensure industry regulators are sufficiently well resourced to enforce regulation.
  13. Provide a safe and secure whistleblower mechanism for gambling industry participants who wish to report on industry misconduct.
  14. Advocate for better money tracking in the gambling industry.
  15. Ensure MPs, MP staffers, and gambling regulatory officials cannot work in the gambling lobby for at least 10 years after service.
  16. Amend the Integrity Act 2009 (Qld) to ensure that non-profit entities (including clubs) engaging in gambling-related lobbying or gambling-related sponsorships are required to be registered as lobbyists.
  17. Phase out animal racing for gambling purposes, including the following actions:
    1. Not approving any new animal racing facilities;
    2. Repurposing existing animal racing facilities to provide social benefit and to continue to provide jobs;
    3. Offering a just transition to those working within the animal racing industry with opportunities to re-skill in new areas, such as animal therapy, or work in other areas of the entertainment industry.
  18. Establish policy evaluation and research into gambling, to be commissioned and conducted free from industry influence, funded by government or statutory levies.
  19. Ensure researchers and all interested parties have greater access to industry data sets and personnel of the Queensland Office of Liquor and Gaming Regulation, to facilitate greater harm reduction and industry accountability.
  20. Increase public health messaging and education to facilitate community understanding of gambling harm.