Public & Rental Housing

(Adopted August 2014)


The Queensland Greens believe that:

1. That every Queenslander has access to appropriate, safe, secure, sustainable and affordable housing.

2. Housing is a crucial determinant of health and wellbeing and is an important precondition for social participation and gaining access to other social services.

3. The housing needs of low income Queenslanders should be met through the provision of a mix of affordable options, including community housing, community land trusts, public housing, include shared equity with social housing providers, and private rental housing.

4. The Queensland government should provide sufficient public and community housing to meet current need and projected demand.

5. New urban developments, should be environmentally sound, close to employment and public transport, and should facilitate community interaction.

6. Public participation in the planning, assessment and development of public and community housing is a right, the exercise of which should be encouraged by planning authorities.

7. The housing needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people should be met as a matter of urgency.

8. All housing developments should be based on principles of sustainable design and urban planning.

9. Existing subsidies and incentives for property investment should be reviewed with a view to guaranteeing housing affordability across all tenure types.


The Queensland Greens will:

1. Work towards the elimination of housing related poverty that also takes into account energy, water and transport expenses.

2. Support strategies for homelessness that emphasize long term independent solutions in preference to temporary emergency ones.

3. Provide resources and funding to support programs that help people in public housing acquire the skills required to stay in a home.

4. Supply sufficient public and community housing to significantly reduce waiting times through a range of measures that facilitate private investment in sustainable and modern affordable housing. 

5. Adopt the Australian Greens National Planning Guidelines for new housing developments, National Building Standards and National urban Planning Guidelines that combined are designed to promote establishment of healthy and sustainable communities but which also accommodate sufficient emergency and longer term social and community housing solutions.

6. Introduce participation measures for tenants and homeless person to contribute in decisions regarding housing services.

7. Improve legal security of tenure and reduced discrimination.

8. Ensure Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people have access to adequate, secure, well-maintained, safe, affordable and culturally appropriate long-term housing where ever they live.

9. Increase the provision of emergency and transitional accommodation (including women and children affected by family violence, people experiencing homelessness, refugees and asylum seekers, migrants and people released from detention) with sufficient exit options to long term housing.

10. Adopt the Australian Greens National Housing Roadmap which includes the following initiatives:

a) Homelessness Action Plan to double funding for services and building of houses for all rough sleepers as a matter of urgency.        

b) Stronger Social Housing System initiative to build new social housing over the next decade.        

c) ‘Safe as Houses’ Affordable Housing Supply Bonds Initiative to provide a financial instrument mechanism to facilitate social housing building investments.  

d) Better Deal for Renters package- A national body to set minimal rental standards and a landlord package to make rental properties safer, more sustainable, energy and water efficient.         

e) Adoption of the Henry Tax review reduction in concessions on investments by 10% (including property).        

f) Rental Supply Boost - to reduce pressure in the rental market.        

g) Repowering Social Housing with solar panels, efficient appliances, insulation and training to help all tenants with cost of living expenses.        

h) Kickstart an Australian made prefabricated housing industry – to build more affordable and environmentally sustainable homes.