Seniors & Aged Care

(Adopted October 2014) 


The Queensland Greens believe that:

1. Older people have the right to live with dignity.

2. The skills and life experience of older people benefit the whole community.

3. Older people have an equal right to participate in the social, economic and political aspects of life and to maintain their independence to whatever degree they feel able.

4. All older Australians are entitled to a decent standard of living.

5. All levels of government must play a  coordinated role in the provision, regulation and support of aged care services.

6. Access to high quality, appropriate health and aged care services should be on the basis of need and not the ability to pay or the place of residence.


The Queensland Greens will:

1. Enshrine a shared understanding of the emotional and physical needs of all older people.

2. Ensure a decent standard of living for older people including the provision of specialist services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People, people from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, rural and remote areas,.


3. Appoint a Minister for Seniors and establish a Department of Seniors.

4. Ensure the retention and improvement of concessions on services provided by government, including means-tested exemption from stamp duty for downsizing the family home.

5. Legislate that services contracted to the private sector will retain concessions on an equal basis.

6. Develop programs to address workplace practices and improve workplace participation for seniors.

7. Assist older people to participate in the community by addressing mobility issues in the community, including improved transport to health facilities and access to public transport and the provision of reduced cost public transport to seniors and Government Concession card holders.

8. Develop programs that provide educational and financial encouragement to assist older people reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including the use of rainwater tanks, water and power efficient appliances and the use of solar panels. 

9. Develop opportunities for seniors to remain active and engaged in the community, in particular the development of programs to address social isolation.

Aged Care

10. Provide a range of innovative, affordable and secure accommodation options, including public sector housing for all older people, including those in regional and rural Australia.

11. Provide home based support services including home modification and repairs for older people who choose to remain in their own home.

12. Improve respite services for carers.

13. Improve the provision of training and employment opportunities ensuring there are adequate well trained workers to meet the needs of the aged care sector.

14. Increase accommodation options for older people including residential aged care, and retirement living environments.

15. Require State Departments to facilitate urban hubs that consider seniors and provide innovative, affordable accommodation, support services and functional transport.