Sexuality & Gender Identity

(Adopted Aug 2014)


The Queensland Greens believe that:

1. That it is a human right to live free from discrimination, including on the basis of sexuality or gender identity.

2. That acceptance and celebration of diversity enhance society as a whole.

3. That people have the right to be recognised in their lived gender.

4. That it is the role of government to protect all people from discrimination, vilification, and abuse.


The Queensland Greens will:

1. Complete equality in all areas for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered and Intersex (LGBTI) people under the law.

2. Recognise the relationships and families of LGBTI people.

3. End discrimination on the basis of gender and sexuality by a broad campaign of education, training, and community outreach.

4. Ensure that transgender and intersex people can have their legal identity consistent with their lived gender.

5. Ensure that intersex and transgender people have adequate and informed access to medical facilities within the public health system to serve their specific needs.

6. Address the disproportionate hate crime committed against LGBTI people.

7. Address the disproportionate levels of mental illness and suicide within the LGBTI population.

Legal and administrative

8. Amend the Queensland Adoption Act of 2009 to provide equality of access to adoption for same sex couples, and recognise civil unions to have an equal status with marriage.

9. Undertake a review into the practices surrounding foster placement, to ensure an absence of discrimination on the basis of sexuality in accordance with the Child Protection Act of 1999.

10. Amend the criminal code so that non-violent sexual advances do not constitute a defence of provocation under Queensland Law.

11. Amend the Criminal Code Act of 1899 to provide equality for age of consent laws in all sex acts. 

12. Review the Discrimination Law Amendment Act of 2002 to create uniform standards so that state documentation reflects a person's chosen gender.

13. Establish a whole of government round table, expanding on the existing Department of Communities round table and its commitment statement, to facilitate the communication between branches of government and community organisations in identifying and responding to LGBTI needs. 

14. Provide the option of “not specified” where gender is to be recorded on Queensland state documents.

15. Increase the number of trained LGBTI liaison officers within the Queensland Police Service in accordance with the disproportionate levels of crime committed against LGBTI individuals. Expand the role of liaison officers to include developing a strategic approach to hate motivated crime.

16. Direct the Queensland Police to gather statistics on hate motivated crime against LGBTI people and to make those findings public through the Australian Institute of Criminology.

17. Ensure that transgendered and intersex people are appropriately housed within correctional facilities.

Social and Educational

18. Provide funding for community based anti-violence campaigns targeting hate motivated crime against LGBTI individuals.

19. Incorporate adequate education on sexuality and gender identity into sexual education undertaken in the school system, and provide training for teachers so that they may expertly administer this curriculum.

20. Provide age appropriate gender and sex education focusing on inclusion as a part of the primary school curriculum.

21. Establish staffed safe houses to provide support services and accommodation for LGBTI individuals, especially those escaping domestic violence.

22. Establish a peak body overarching LGBTI organisations to coordinate the efforts of LGBTI community groups, publicise those efforts to the LGBTI community, and provide relevant professional development for public servants.

23. Establish a gender centre as a resource and community support for TI individuals.


24. Encourage mental health service providers to include LGBTI status on client datasets to aid further research into mental illness among LGBTI individuals and successful interventions.

25. Fund a state-wide LGBTI mental health promotion service, working closely with mainstream mental health services, to address the disproportionate incidences of mental health problems and suicide within the LGBTI community.

26. Ensure that suitable counselling is readily available within the public health system to facilitate informed choices regarding gender presentation for transgender and intersex people.

27. Ensure access is available within the public health system to appropriate medical procedures for transgendered or intersex people to make their gender presentation congruent with their lived gender.

28. Ensure that transgendered or intersex young people have the opportunity, in consultation with their parents and clinicians, to undergo therapy that delays the onset of puberty until they can make an informed choice about their gender presentation.