Queensland Greens Sexual Harassment, Intimidation and Assault Procedures

Mandatory Reporting and Zero Tolerance Procedures

Zero tolerance

The Queensland Greens recognise the right of every employee and volunteer to be able to attend work, participate in the Greens and to perform their duties without being subjected to any form of sexual harassment, intimidation or assault. The Queensland Greens has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to sexual harassment, and it is the obligation and responsibility of every member of the Queensland Greens to ensure that the workplace, and our party activities, are free from sexual harassment.

Mandatory reporting

In accordance with the Queensland Greens Code of Ethics, it is the mandatory responsibility of every member of the Queensland Greens to report incidents of sexual harassment or violence involving Green members or volunteers.

Any member becoming aware of alleged sexual harassment, sexual assault or bullying by a member, representative or volunteer of The Greens QLD engaged in party activities will report it to the party officers responsible for these matters according to Greens procedures. The incident reporting process is described in an appendix of the Procedure which is provided below.

Complaints processes

The Queensland Greens takes the safety and comfort of all our office bearers, staff, members and volunteers very seriously. As such, we have developed clear processes to comprehensively address all manner of complaints and find appropriate resolutions in a timely manner. There is a summary of the complaints processes and supports available and how to access them in the members-only website here (members should contact the office if you don't have access).

In the event that anyone has been made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe at a Greens event or work environment, the following procedure and flowchart explain the nature of the process that will follow any report made.

Download the procedure