A Fairer Future For All South Australians

The Greens are committed to providing a fairer future for all South Australians. The economy and public services must work for the good of everyone, not just a few. The Greens’ plan for SA includes high quality education for all, access to justice, fairness in the workplace, better access to digital technologies and a fairer deal for older people in our community. Together, we will ensure that South Australia becomes a social, economic and environmental powerhouse.

A Fairer System For Education And Early Education

Every child deserves a quality education, regardless of their background or postcode. Not only does a good education open doors in adult life, it builds a more cohesive and clever society from which we all benefit. Investment in a strong public education system is an investment in the next generation of South Australians and essential to building a fair, successful and cohesive society. The Greens have a plan for a better way to educate our young people. Our education system should be inclusive and fair. From preschool to university and TAFE, the Greens will invest in quality education that is accessible to all. Funding will be directed to where it is needed most.



Arts and Culture

South Australia is home to exceptional creative talent across diverse art forms. The Greens value the role of arts and culture in our society and will properly fund an independent arts sector and support our artists. A vibrant, diverse, and innovative arts sector is at the heart of any thriving society. Strong creative industries not only enrich our community, but are a significant and growing contributor to our economy and employment. A fair economy and a fair society should work for all South Australians, but successive Governments have failed to adequately support the Arts in South Australia. The Greens have a strong commitment to supporting and promoting an independent and thriving Australian arts sector through increased levels of public funding and supporting targeted programs and incentives to enable the arts to grow.


Community Legal Centres

Our severely underfunded Community Legal Centres (CLCs) are at crisis point. They provide valuable legal advice and support for thousands of people who would otherwise be on their own. However, with both federal and state governments failing to prioritise this legal assistance, CLCs will be forced to turn away vulnerable South Australians in ever-increasing numbers. Community legal services are rapidly approaching a funding cliff, placing their very survival at risk and putting justice beyond the reach of many South Australians. The situation in this state is even worse than elsewhere, with the Government only providing 19.5% of CLC funding, compared with 40 to 60% in most other states and territories. The Greens believe that access to justice is a fundamental right that should not be limited by income or circumstance. We will guarantee the survival of CLCs through increased state funding in line with other jurisdictions, in addition to lobbying the Commonwealth to reverse funding cuts to legal services in partnership with federal colleagues. The Welfare Rights Centre will also be re-established.


A Fairer Workplace

Workplace laws should be fair and protect all workers from unjust treatment and unsafe conditions. The Greens view work as something that should be rewarding, enriching and the basis of welfare and prosperity for our families, communities and state. South Australia must have a fair and equitable industrial relations system for all employees. Workers deserve laws that provide the protections, rights and responsibilities that come with a just and sustainable society. Workplaces should provide a better work-life balance, with people having more control over their working arrangements, and options for flexible working practices balanced against the legitimate operational needs of the employer. It’s time for a fairer future and a fairer system, and the Greens are a proven, genuine alternative.


Bridging the Digital Divide

While digital technologies now play a significant role in almost all aspects of life, many South Australians lack basic online access. As a consequence, there is a growing digital divide that aligns with other areas of disadvantage, excluding people on the basis of income, age and disability. With government services and businesses moving online, often exclusively, existing disadvantages are compounded, creating a deepening divide that requires urgent government intervention. The Greens will bridge this digital divide with a range of measures, including a whole of government digital inclusion strategy, free public Wi-Fi in the areas of highest digital exclusions and making all government websites unmetred.


A Fairer Deal For Older South Australians

Older South Australians have an equal right to participate in social, economic and political aspects of life and to maintain control over their independence. The skills and life experience of seniors benefit the whole community and the economy. A lifelong approach to active ageing should form the basis of policy for older South Australians, based on World Health Organisation (WHO) Active Ageing principles focusing on wellness, age-friendly environments, availability and accessibility of effective health care, and active participation in all aspects of community life. The Greens will introduce a range of measures to ensure a fairer deal for older people in our community aimed at better employment outcomes that involve freedom from age discrimination, improved housing and care resources, increased funding for community organisations, and a focus on early intervention and preventative health.