Coke and Lion: don’t trash our ‘cash for cans’ scheme

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Tell Coke and Lion: don’t trash Victoria’s ‘cash for cans’ scheme!

In the next few weeks, the Victorian Government will decide who gets to design our ‘10c refund on bottles and cans’ program. But big multinational corporations Coke and Lion, who opposed a refund scheme for years, are making a big play to take it over.

If Coke and Lion get their way, the scheme will be designed to maximise their profits, not benefit the environment.

In NSW, the Government stood up against the aggressive corporate lobbyists and designed a successful ‘cash for cans’ program run by experts and the community. 

We can do this in Victoria too  but not if the Victorian Government gives in to the corporate bullies.

Join us and call for the Victorian Government to stand up to Coke and Lion.