No more coal and gas

Together, we can push Labor in Victoria to end coal and gas.

We are in a climate crisis. 

Coal and gas are the leading causes of climate change, yet Labor and the Liberals support more coal and gas right here in Victoria.

The Greens in Victoria are pushing Labor to stop supporting new fossil fuel projects and fast-track a transition out of coal and gas while supporting workers and communities.

With your help, we’re pushing Labor further and faster on climate change.

a map of Victoria showing some of the coal and gas projects in the pipeline


Join our current campaigns for climate action

Ban offshore oil and gas drilling

NSW has banned all new oil and gas drilling along their coast. Join us in calling on the Victorian Government to do the same.

Stop Labor's new coal project

Help us reach 10,000 signatures to force a debate in Parliament on the disastrous coal-to-hydrogen project.

Save the 12 Apostles region from gas drilling

Join more than 14,000 people who have signed the open letter!


  • The Greens campaigned with the community to get a ban on toxic gas fracking in Victoria.
  • The Greens in Victoria successfully lobbied the Victorian Labor Government to introduce a legalling-binding Renewable Energy Target which is driving huge new wind and solar projects across the state.
  • After years of campaigning alongside environment groups, we successfully pushed Labor to bring forward a transition out of logging in Victoria from 2030 to 1 Jan 2024 - protecting forests for threatened species and for vital carbon storage.
  • The Greens joined forces with the local community and environment groups to successfully campaign Labor to reject a giant new gas terminal in Westernport Bay.
  • Since 2018, the Victorian Greens have campaigned for big batteries and upgrades to our grid to allow more renewable energy. In 2020, over $600 million was committed for these projects, as part of a COVID-19 recovery package.
  • In 2014, the Greens successfully campaigned to stop the East West Link toll road from ripping up Royal Park and further contributing to climate pollution from thousands of cars.


Not only does Labor have no plan to transition away from coal, they’re still throwing their support behind more than a dozen new coal and gas projects in Victoria. 

Here are some of the projects that Labor has supported and that the Greens are trying to stop (with help from people like you!)

polluting coal stacks


Coal-to-Hydrogen project

The Labor Government in Victoria has thrown their support behind a project that would turn brown coal in the Latrobe Valley into hydrogen for export to Japan. This would extend the life of Victoria’s coal mines and create as much emissions as putting another 735,000 cars on the road!

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Two blue whales swimming


In 2024, fossil fuel companies will start seismic blasting to find new oil and gas under the ocean floor between Victoria and Tasmania, putting whales and other marine life at risk. Despite protests from Gunditjmara Traditional Custodians and the local community, the Federal and State Labor Governments have so far supported this project. It beggars belief that Labor is still supporting new oil and gas projects in a climate crisis. 



12 Apostles


Gas drilling near the 12 apostles

Despite strong Greens and community opposition, the Victorian Labor Government has approved gas drilling on Gunditjmara country, near the 12 Apostles. New gas drilling will make climate change worse and put the local marine environment at risk. More than 14,000 people have signed our open letter to stop this disastrous project going ahead. 

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polluting gas tower


new gas plant at westernport bay

In 2021, the Greens joined the local community in fighting to stop a new giant gas terminal being built in Westernport Bay - and we were able to pressure Labor to reject this plan! Now, the community is facing another threat as we’ve learned that Labor is supporting another new gas project in Westernport Bay - this time a gas plant.

offshore gas


plus at least another dozen new gas projects

Both Federal and State Labor are opening up huge areas of our state’s land and sea to gas exploration. There are at least a dozen new gas proposals in the works right now - including a new gas import terminal at Corio Bay near Geelong. If Labor supports these projects they will be devastating for our climate and environment.

Join us to end coal and gas in Victoria

No more coal and gas in Victoria

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