By The Green Issue Editors

The ongoing Covid crisis has exacerbated the trend of increasing inequality in income and opportunity apparent in Australia since the transition to a neoliberal market economy during the 1980s. We include an article examining the consequences of this trend and summarizing The Green’s approach to achieving a more equitable society.

Australia’s showing at the UN Climate Change Conference (COP26) in November could only be described as embarrassing, to anyone with even rudimentary knowledge of the climate crisis the world faces. The Australian Government had produced a “Plan” to try to show that it was serious about climate action but it turned out to be nothing more than a fig leaf to try and hide inaction. One aspect of that inaction was its support for current and expanded export of coal and liquified natural gas (LNG). An example is the intended development of the Scarborough gas field off North West WA, which would substantially increase our greenhouse gas exports should it proceed.

The past year saw the end of the “Afghanistan War”, which left most people wondering what had been achieved, as the Taliban seamlessly moved back into power. As a reaction to this defeat the occupying forces ended the aid, military and civilian, that had been flowing in over the last 20 years. However, this leaves the predominantly poor population of the country in dire economic circumstances, staring down widespread famine.

Senator Jordon Steele-John reports on progress and initiatives in the rights of the disabled and in the areas of youth, health and mental health and confronting AUKUS – and his plans for 2022.

Senator Dorinda Cox is new on the job and she has been addressing pending First Nations issues, as well as issues affecting all Western Australians such as gas developments in the North West, and gearing up for the coming Federal Election.

Brad Pettitt reflects on his first seven months as the only Greens representative in the WA parliament, summarizing his initiatives on social housing, climate action and the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill.

Header photo: Climate change mitigation icon Tommaso.sansone91 CC