List of Donors

In line with the Australian Greens internal policy on donations, this donor list includes all those who have made a cumulative total of donations of $1500 or more during the twelve months up to the end of the last quarter.

This practice differs from the reporting requirements of the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) which, for the 2017/2018 financial year, requires disclosure of individual donations of more than $13,500, and those donations received between 1 July 2017 and 30 June 2018 will not be reported publicly until February 2019. You can read more here on the AEC's disclosure requirements.

Name                                                                                                                                                                   State                           Amount

Alan Pert NSW 10,500
Andrew Hopkins ACT 1,500
Andrew Galbraith Qld 1,500
Anna Pafitis Tas 2,500
Arjun Von Caemmerer Tas 1,500
Bob Brown Tas 1,600
Carolyn Heise NSW 2,500
Chris Gurney Tas 1,500
Christopher Holmes Vic 1,500
David Mathers NSW 3,000
David Gibson ACT 4,550
Edward King Tas 2,380
Elizabeth Erskine Qld 1,500
Estate Of The Late Michelle Wellard NSW 136,250
Fred Woollard NSW 11,500
Galen White Qld 1,602
Guy Dutson Vic 1,500
Ian Kilgour Qld 5,100
Estate Of The Late Ian Rudd Qld 60,461
Ian Wanless Vic 1,500
Jane Maher Vic 1,500
John Little ACT 2,000
John Hodges NSW 1,700
Ken Rumsby NSW 1,550
Lorraine Waters Qld 2,350
Margrit Korosi Tas 1,750
Maria Pinedo Tas 1,500
Michael Fox Tas 1,800
Michael Tyrrell Qld 2,500
Musnarti Dickinson Qld 2,550
Neil Barrett Vic 3,000
Nic Cowcher-guthrie WA 1,500
Nick Ingelbrecht WA 1,500
Patricia Jones Tas 1,550
Paul Westcott Vic 1,500
Peter Walton NSW 3,500
Richard Atkinson Tas 2,200
Rick Davies Vic 5,000
Roger King WA 5,000
Ross Le Quesne WA 5,000
Simon Herd Qld 1,500
Stephen Schafer NSW 1,905
Sue Etheridge Qld 2,500
Susie Linder-pelz NSW 1,500
Terry Teoh Vic 3,000
Timothy Fairbanks WA 1,500
Tracey Gardner Vic 1,500

If you require further information please contact our office on 1800 017 011 or email