List of Donors

In line with the Australian Greens internal policy on donations, this donor list includes all those who have made a cumulative total of donations of $1,500 or more during the twelve months up to the end of the last quarter.

This practice differs from the reporting requirements of the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) which, for the 2022/2023 financial year, requires disclosure of individual donations of more than $15,200, and those donations received between 1 July 2022 and 30 June 2023 will not be reported publicly until February 2024. You can read more here on the AEC's disclosure requirements.

Name State Amount
Estate of the Late David Walsh SA 139,205
Duncan Turpie Qld 125,000
Murray Haseler Qld 51,000
Richard Davies Vic 20,000
Sally Perini NSW 20,000
Ian Godfrey Vic 15,000
Frederick Woollard NSW 15,000
Brian Snape AM Vic 10,700
Diana O'Connor Qld 7,000
Susan Soltys Qld 6,000
Prue Slatyer Tas 5,320
Scott Farquhar Qld 5,000
Michael Kirkham NSW 5,000
Samuel Poustie Vic 5,000
Ruth Singer Vic 5,000
Estate of the Late Bruce Miller Vic 4,588
Hugh Tyndale-Biscoe ACT 3,200
Chris Gurney Tas 3,125
Michael Alpers WA 3,000
Emma Brown Vic 3,000
Caroline Le Couteur ACT 3,000
Leonard Warren WA 2,750
Tony Kozera Qld 2,500
Anita Mathews NSW 2,500
Simone Scholz Vinall SA 2,400
Paul Magarey ACT 2,300
Susan Magarey SA 2,080
Patrick Anderson ACT 2,000
Ellen MacQueen Qld 2,000
Laura Pieraccini SA 1,873
Margaret Bulbeck WA 1,800
Vivienne Glance WA 1,750
Sunny Miller WA 1,730
Anne Whybourne NT 1,724
Owen Kinsey WA 1,700
Nikola MacLennan WA 1,700
Peter Smith Qld 1,700
Helen Hutchinson Tas 1,600
Patricia McPhee Tas 1,600
Elizabeth Freihaut NSW 1,560
Pamela Collett ACT 1,550
Joanne Clay ACT 1,550
Mary Adamson Vic 1,500
Jiri Baum NSW 1,500
Marcela Bilek NSW 1,500
Delphie Bray SA 1,500
Sibella Breidahl NT 1,500
Kieren Chester SA 1,500
Sharon Connolly Tas 1,500
David Donaldson SA 1,500
Tim Dornom Vic 1,500
Sean Foley NSW 1,500
Wendy Green Tas 1,500
Wendy Hewitt WA 1,500
William Lee NSW 1,500
James Lindsay ACT 1,500
Douglas Lithgow NSW 1,500
Tsepo Llewellyn WA 1,500
Carl Mason Tas 1,500
Nicola Mason Tas 1,500
Daniel Mason Tas 1,500
Andrew Mathas NSW 1,500
Sue McCready Vic 1,500
Sandie Parkes ACT 1,500
Harry Pidcock Qld 1,500
Andrew Robinson ACT 1,500
Mark Stafford Smith ACT 1,500
Richard Stiles NSW 1,500
William Thames Qld 1,500
Lennert Veerman Qld 1,500
Paul Westcott Vic 1,500
Adrian Wortley Vic 1,500
Sharnie Wu NSW 1,500

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