2020 Election Platform

In these unprecedented times, the decisions we make now will shape the future of our society.

If the bushfires and the pandemic have shown us anything, it's that business as usual cannot continue.

While the old parties are seeking a return to normal, the ACT Greens will use this moment to redress the inequalities and injustices of our current systems - to build a better normal.

That means bringing the same boldness, decisiveness, and energy we brought to achieving 100% renewable electricity to reimagining our community in a way that benefits everyone for decades to come.


Our Initiatives

๐Ÿ  A HOME FOR ALL - A $450 million dollar housing package to end homelessness and unaffordable housing by building 1000 social and community homes, while reforming renters rights to allow renters to turn houses into homes, including the right to garden
๐ŸŒ REAL CLIMATE ACTION - Kickstarting Australiaโ€™s electric vehicle sector, reforming our planning system to make development more sustainable, and getting off gas while ensuring a just transition to a zero emissions society
๐ŸŒฟ URBAN BIODIVERSITY SANCTUARY - Repairing the Land,ย  Repairing Waterways, stopping development in ecologically sensitive areas, establishing a network of Neighbourhood Forests, a world-leading Food for All urban agriculture strategy and our zero-waste Circular Economy package to make Canberra the most sustainable, ecologically-friendly city in the country
๐Ÿ‘ท GREEN JOBS PACKAGE - Creating 4,500 local jobs for our community, while supporting Canberrans to work flexibly and create co-operatives
๐Ÿšตโ€โ™€๏ธ MODERNISING TRANSPORT - Connecting every suburb in Canberra with off-road walking and cycling paths, and getting light rail right with express southside services and extending the network to Mawson
๐Ÿ“ A STRONGER DEMOCRACY - With the ACT's first Neighbourhood Democracy program, giving the community a say in development with major planning reforms, an ad-free Canberra, a plan to empower young Canberrans to participate in our democracy, and a range of reforms to our democratic system and governance
๐Ÿ‘ช SUPPORTING OUR COMMUNITY - Delivering world-class health and education, A Gender Led Recovery including free early childhood education, Supporting the Community Sector, Paying Artists, Promoting Social Inclusion, supporting Older People, our Community Sport package, while Listening Deeply to First Nations People
๐Ÿ’š REDUCING HARM - By treating drugs as a health issue through measures such as pill testing, Clubs for the Community by transitioning away from pokies, Raising the Age of criminality to 14 to keep kids out of jail, investing in Mental Health and Youth Mental Health, and Building Safer Communities via justice reinvestment

Our Plan

A Home for All
Green Jobs Package
Building our Neighbourhoods
Real Climate Action
Our Ecosystems
A Canberra for Everyone

Our Policy Platform