Green Jobs Package

All of us deserve access to meaningful, secure work.

COVID-19 has seen tens of thousands of people become unemployed overnight. It will take years for businesses to re-hire the staff they’ve let go.

Now is the time to invest in the green economy and build a stronger, 21st-century city and workforce. We will provide a Green Jobs package to restart our economy and build infrastructure that will benefit our community for generations.





Our Plan

Improve housing and local infrastructure, by building and upgrading our footpaths, bike paths, playgrounds and greening our neighbourhoods
Real climate action, including green manufacturing and decarbonising our economy
Expand education and training, by providing world-leading courses in solar and wind and battery technology construction and maintenance, conservation and ecosystem management
Expand the ACT’s public services and community sector, to provide better services and programs
Improve workers' rights and conditions
Invest in the arts


Green Jobs Package