Our Platform

We have a vision – and a plan – for Canberra

The Greens are the only choice for progressive voters who want to put the community first.

For representing the Canberra community in the ACT Assembly:

Our 2016 policy platform, Community First, put forward the ACT Greens' agenda for the ACT. It was developed by our members and represents our vision. From supporting this vision the ACT elected two Greens MLAs and held the balance of power in the Legislative Assembly. 

Our policy platform for the upcoming 2020 ACT election is currently being developed by our members and will be available in March.

Click here to download the ACT Greens platform for 2016, 'Community First'. 

We are proud that our policies are informed by four principles: ecological sustainability, social justice, peace and non-violence and grassroots democracy. We do not accept corporate donations, so these principles will never be coopted or bought by vested interests.