Our Platform

We have a vision – and a plan – for Canberra

The Greens are the only choice for progressive voters who want to put the community first.

For representing the Canberra community in the Federal Parliament:

Click here to see our 2019 Federal Election campaign policies

For representing the Canberra community in the ACT Assembly:

Our platform, Community First, puts forward the ACT Greens' agenda for the ACT. It was developed by our members, and represents our vision.

The Greens are a party of the people, the environment and the future of our city - not a party for big business, developers or pokies. We will speak up for everyone who has been forgotten and ignored by the other parties.

The Greens are the party of courage and community. We're committed, we're ready, and we'll put the community first.

Click here to download the ACT Greens platform, 'Community First'.

Integrity in politics

We want to restore confidence in our government and planning decisions.

We want:

» An ICAC for the ACT
» A ban on developer donations
» Banning lies in political ads 
» Better Government

Read our Integrity in Politics policy.


We think it’s time to put people at the centre of housing – not developers.

That means investing in more community housing, improve renters' rights, and better fund our local homelessness services.

We want:

» A universal housing package
» A committment to take on shoddy developers and get better quality housing
» A plan for an age-friendly city to make our suburbs more accessible
» Supporting our most vulnerable Canberrans
» A plan for real action on affordable housing
» Affordable and energy efficient housing for renters (and everyone!)
» People before developers - bringing Nightingale to Canberra
» Ending homelessness - investing in frontline services
» More community housing

Read our Housing policy.


Greens have a plan for more buses, better walking and cycling infrastructure, and a light rail network that connects north and south Canberra.

We will keep improving our transport system – and we won’t stop until every Canberran has the best quality public transport.

We want:

» A commitment to take light rail to Woden
» A $57 million investment for more and better buses
» A $130 million package to power public transport with clean energy
» An innovative plan to integrate buses and taxis
» A bus fare freeze to keep transport costs fair 
» A plan to tackle traffic and congestion
» Safer transport at schools
» Better bike infrastructure and new cycling facilities
» $60 million for more cycling and walking infrastructure 
» Transforming Canberra into the active travel capital  
» Road Safety in Canberra

Read our Transport policy.

Schools and education

The Greens are calling for more funding for school upgrades, better Early Childhood Education and Care services, and real support for student wellbeing and mental health. And, we want to safeguard CIT from privatisation.

We want:

» A $50 million package to upgrade schools improve equity
» A commitment to protect CIT from privatisation
» A plan to support our students and invest in their mental health
» Young people, young leaders: Our youth package 
» Investing in Early Education

Read our Schools and Education policy.


We want a system that keeps people healthy, instead of just treating them when they're sick.

That's why the Greens want to invest in more nurses, a better mental health system, and dental care for those who need it most.

We want:

» Two new walk-in centres and a preventative health strategy
» A comprehensive health plan, with more nurses for Canberra
» An office for mental health
» A new approach to suicide prevention that includes targets
» A commitment to drug law reform and a pill testing trial
» Keeping healthy, active and happy - a plan for community sport and recreation

Read our Health policy.

Action on global warming & protecting our environment 

At this election, the ACT Greens are campaigning on the most ambitious climate and environment plan in the ACT's history.

We're committed to 100% renewable energy by 2020, a carbon neutral Canberra by 2030, and more Green Homes for Canberra.

We want:

» A transition from gas to clean energy
» A carbon neutral Canberra by 2030, with zero net emissions
» A plan keep urban Canberra green
» Supporting firefighters to respond to the bushfire threat
» Our $15.5 million plan to protect our environment 
» A national park at Ginninderra Falls
» A plan for animal welfare
» A greyhound racing ban, and a transition plan
» A plan to protect Canberra's natural, cultural and built heritage
» Clean energy for Canberra

Read our Action on Global Warming and Protecting Our Environment plan.

A progressive Canberra

We believe in a Canberra where everyone matters, where we care for each other. A Canberra where the community comes first.

We want:

» A $5 million package to tackle violence against women
» Support for LBGTIQ Canberrans and opposition to Federal Government's plebiscite
» Marriage and more: Our LBGTI plan
» A pledge to resettle refugees from Manus Island and Nauru in Canberra
» A plan to build the next stage of Belconnen arts centre
» Access and inclusion for people with disabilities
» Our diverse community - investing in our multicultural community
» Improving justice in the ACT
» Investing in Arts
» Clubs for people not pokies
» Empowering business to contribute to a sustainable Canberra
» Strong community sector

Read our Progressive Canberra policy.