Powering past coal & gas

The climate crisis is caused by mining and burning coal, oil and gas. They’re heating up the planet, and if we don’t phase them out, the world is going to be a more dangerous place to live. 

This is the Greens’ climate and energy plan to fight the climate crisis, grow jobs and repower the economy with net-zero emissions by 2035.

Our plan to Power Past Coal & Gas

  1. Restore Climate Leadership to Australia
  2. Powering Past Coal With 100% Renewable Electricity By 2030
  3. Phasing Out Coal and Gas While Looking After Coal Communities
  4. Replacing Coal and Gas Exports With A Renewables Industry
  5. Create A Manufacturing Renaissance
  6. Repair the climate and restore the land
  7. Electrifying Homes and Businesses
  8. Preparing for climate impacts


We can’t heal the land without the contributions and leadership of the people whose culture has sustained it for more than 60,000 years.

As custodians of this land, First Nations people understand that the health of the community is only as strong as the health of our environment. When we don’t show genuine care for the Country that nurtures us, we all suffer.

Machinery working in a coal mine

A freeze on new projects

The mining and burning of coal and gas is a key reason we now face a climate crisis. In this critical decade for climate action, we need to keep coal and gas in the ground. It’s time to make coal and gas history. 

If you don’t have a plan to get out coal then you don’t have a plan for climate.

Both Liberal and Labor don’t have a plan to get out of coal because they continue to take millions of dollars in political donations from big coal and gas companies who are calling the shots.

In balance of power Immediately ban the construction of new coal, oil and gas infrastructure, ensuring we can transition our economy to zero carbon energy while maintaining a safe climate.

Wind tunbines in the sun


The climate crisis is real. It’s caused by mining and burning coal, oil and gas. They’re heating up the planet, and if we don’t phase them out, the world is going to be a more dangerous place to live. 

If we want a chance at a safe climate future, we need to get out of coal now. 

By phasing out coal and gas power plants, investing in offshore and onshore wind, solar and energy storage and rewiring Australia with a 21st century electricity grid we can repower our economy and society with clean energy.

By shifting to renewable energy and “electrifying everything” we not only drive carbon pollution to zero, but we can lower home energy bills and industry costs while creating jobs around the country.

Coal worker onsite looks over her shoulder

Support coal workers and mining communities

Change is happening quickly, coal is shutting down faster than ever and renewable energy is powering more of our country every year. 

We don’t need to choose between taking urgent climate action and supporting coal communities. We can do both.

Coal has been an important industry for Australia, and coal workers should have pride in what they’ve contributed in building the country. Right now 52,000 people are employed in the coal industry in Australia. Oil and gas employ 28,000 people. 

Workers need certainty and financial security. Because without a plan, when mines close, only one in three workers will be able to find jobs again.

Liberal and Labor are lying to workers and communities, saying coal can keep going for decades when science says it clearly can’t.

We can look after people working in the coal, oil and gas industries, with a Job for Job Guarantee and financial security for coal workers 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who counts as a worker?

Workers and contractors in coal generation plants and coal mines are covered. Our policy assumes that if you work on a plant or mine site - whether as a truck driver, machine operator, engineer or cleaner, you will be covered. 

What if they can’t find a job?

The Job-for-Job Guarantee package will provide 50% of a coal worker's wage for a decade, provided as a wage subsidy to employers who provide an equivalent paying job. Workers over 55 will be able to receive the wage subsidy for up to 12 years as they transition to retirement. Workers who cannot find alternative work can receive the subsidy directly. 

What about the local community?

The plan will empower coal communities to develop local transition plans that attract jobs and industries they need so that their communities continue to thrive.

How will the plan be put in place?

The plan will create local authorities that bring each coal community together to develop their plans for new employment. Locally developed plans will be guided and financed with an initial $2.8bn funding through an independent National Coal Communities Commission.

How will you pay for it?

​Coal companies will pay for it through our plan to tax Australia’s billionaires and big coal and gas corporations.

Has this been done anywhere else?

Yes, Germany was able to successfully phase out their coal industry without a single worker losing their job.

This is our promise. The Greens will never sell out or abandon working people in coal communities. We will tackle the climate crisis, while empowering local communities to move away from coal and keeping people in work.

Smoke stacks pumping pollution into the air


Big coal, oil and gas corporations must pay for the damage they are causing. 

Their business of mining, fracking, burning and exporting coal and gas has turbocharged the climate crisis. They have been profiting from their pollution and destruction, sending the coal and gas offshore, and paying little to no tax on their profits. 

Right now it is the rest of us who have to pay for climate impacts and extreme weather they are causing and local communities to clean up their mess. 

It’s time the culprits were held accountable and paid up.

Workers inspect transmission lines


For years, the lack of a transition plan has made it difficult to build things in this country. A hands-off Government has let our manufacturing industries decline, while we export billions of dollars of raw materials to be further processed overseas. 

Australia is the sunniest continent on earth with amazing wind resources and smart, adaptive and innovative minds. These resources and huge opportunities are being wasted as each year passes.

The Greens plan that will grow jobs and repower the economy with net-zero emissions by 2035, and turn Australia into a renewables powerhouse. 

Imagine what could be achieved if Australia’s energy is effectively free. Manufacturing could return to our shores again and we could make green products here instead of exporting the raw materials overseas. Transporting ourselves, our food and our parcels with clean electricity instead of imported oil would reduce the cost of everything and enhance our security.


Tell the Labor Government to use their powers to stop coal, oil and gas in its tracks.

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