Climate Emergency

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We are in a climate crisis.

If we don’t stop mining and burning coal and gas, all of our lives are at risk.
But Liberal and Labor parties are backing more coal and more gas, because they take millions in donations from coal and gas billionaires and big corporations.
The science is clear: every tonne of coal and gas burnt increases the intensity and speed of changes to our climate, which means more floods, more intense droughts and heatwaves, and more frequent bushfires.
We must phase out coal and gas by 2030. Governments around the world understand this and are taking steps to curb emissions, end coal, and transition quickly to a clean and renewable future.

Except for here in Australia. Where the Morrison government continues to approve new coal and gas mines (116 and counting) and are content with burning our future to take care of their big corporate donors.
Our children deserve a safe climate future and it’s within our reach to give it to them.
Australia must join world leaders and pledge to phase out coal, gas and the huge subsidies that are propping up our fossil fuel corporations. There’s still time to avert the worst of the crisis if we do this.
Drastically cutting emissions by 2030 is possible with the technology we have today, so let’s get it done.

Will you join in calling on the government to end coal and gas now and create a safe climate future for all of us?