Climate Emergency

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The first duty of government is to keep people safe and Scott Morrison is failing in that duty. It’s time for the government to act on the climate emergency.

Right now, we are facing an existential climate crisis that threatens human civilisation and our government must start paying attention. 

People are dying, in danger and are suffering – it’s damaging our health, our water, our ability to grow food, the air we breathe. Millions of species are going extinct. If we don’t phase out coal and gas, we’ll see more of these events. The risks for your family and for emergency service workers will only be more extreme.

The science is clear: the mining and burning of coal, oil and gas increases the climate crisis.

Every tonne of coal, oil and gas burnt increases the intensity and speed of changes to our climate, which means more floods, more droughts, more heatwaves and more bushfires. Cyclones will get more intense and move south.

And through it all, Scott Morrison’s government has been ignoring the impacts of climate change, while all around them the threat gets worse. 

When the lives and livelihoods of Australians was threatened by the coronavirus pandemic, the government took emergency action. It’s time for the government to treat the climate crisis as urgently as they’ve treated the coronavirus crisis. 

We’re calling on the Australian Parliament to act on the climate emergency, and you can too.

Recognising we are in a climate crisis by declaring an emergency ends the business as usual approach of the Labor and Liberal parties, who still put their coal, oil and gas donors ahead of people and our environment. 

The Greens refuse donations from coal & gas corporations. We are working in parliament everyday to push the Labor and Liberal parties further and faster to tackle climate change.

The greatest health and economic crisis we will ever face is the climate emergency, it’s time for urgent action. Will you join us in calling on the government to act on the climate emergency?