Gas is not the answer

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Gas is a fossil fuel and a major cause of the climate crisis

As a community, we’re facing a dual crisis of COVID-19 and the climate emergency. Both are threatening our way of life.

The climate emergency has not gone away. Scientists are telling us that we are in the critical decade. We have to halve pollution by 2030 and get to zero emissions as fast as possible or we will face catastrophic consequences of irreversible global heating.

The mining, burning and exporting of coal, oil and gas are the biggest causes of the climate crisis. Gas is a fossil fuel and a major cause of the climate crisis. It is as dirty as coal.

Scott Morrison wants to give public money meant for renewable energy to new polluting gas projects. Subsiding gas through the green energy bank is like pouring money from the health budget into asbestos.

Both the Liberal and Labor parties have accepted millions of dollars in donations from gas companies. These donations are having major influence on their decisions to support new gas projects which will trash the environment, threaten our water and air and lock us in for even more dangerous global heating. 

Now is the time for bold government investment in publicly owned renewable technology not dirty gas projects. The right investment now will drive our economy into the future and create hundreds of thousands of jobs. 

Any “recovery plan” that doesn’t keep coal, oil and gas in the ground will make the problems we face worse. 

It’s not too late, but we need to act now to say no to gas and declare a climate emergency.