Not here, Not Now and Not Ever

NO nuclear subs

Add your voice to help us create a more peaceful Australia free of a nuclear industry.

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We must never allow our communities to be nuclearised.

In 2021 the Morrison Government announced a military pact between the United States, Australia and the United Kingdom that would see the nuclearisation of our communities - including nuclear submarines stationed in our harbours and off our shores.

This is a dangerous move that makes us less safe.

We shouldn’t be turning war into an industry. Whether it be in the shipyards of South Australia, the harbours of Rockingham or the remote communities of WA. We deserve the real jobs of the future in clean, green manufacturing such as electric vehicles - not this.

This is the time to be rethinking our dependence on the United States, not increasing it.

The nuclearisation of our community makes us less safe, ruins our environment and threatens peace in our region.

If the Government is spending billions of dollars, it should be towards things the community wants: support for people with COVID-19, a livable JobSeeker rate, a properly funded NDIS, mental & dental into medicare and meaningful climate action - not a nuclear program.

We have a historic opportunity to reject the deals of the past and do what is best for Australia and our regional neighbours.    

Help us tell the Labor Government we don’t want to nuclearise our communities. Not here, not now, not ever.