No Nuclear Submarines

NO nuclear subs

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Not here, not now, not ever

The government’s half-trillion-dollar nuclear submarine plan is not about defending Australia, it’s about projecting force in the South China Sea and tying us to the war-making ambitions of the US and the UK.

This is a dangerous move that makes us less safe.

Australia's push to join the nuclear submarine club is already causing unrest with our key regional allies and adds fire to a growing regional arms race.

With the obscene amount of money Labor wants to spend on nuclear submarines, we could fix any problem that can be fixed with money - dental and mental health into Medicare, raising income support, affordable housing and more.

Instead, babies who haven’t even been born yet will spend their lives paying for these nuclear subs rather than getting essential public services and support.

We should be building a safe, peaceful future for Australia and our region, and a defence force designed to defend Australia not threaten our neighbours.

Instead, this toxic deal drives us recklessly toward the next US-led war.

War is not inevitable, and the Greens join a growing chorus of former Prime Ministers, defence experts and ordinary people from across the community who are pointing out the sheer recklessness of this deal.

Join our campaign to force the Labor Government to scrap the nuclear submarines deal.

Not here, not now, not ever.