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Our plan will kick off a rapid transition to renewable energy that tackles climate change and increases investment opportunities in renewables.

Reliable and affordable energy is a basic service that every Australian needs. But for over 30 years, Liberal and Labor governments have sold us out by handing over our electricity services to big, private corporations. 

Privatisation has led to mega-profits for big corporations and increased costs for us. Something has to give. Ripping people off shouldn’t be anyone’s business model. But big corporations can get away with it because Labor and Liberal governments have supported their price-gouging business model over what’s good for people.  

That’s why the Greens have a plan to create a non-profit, publicly owned energy retailer that provides energy as a basic service for everyone. That means lower prices, better services and access for all Australians.

Our plan will kick off a rapid transition to renewable energy that tackles climate change and increases investment opportunities in renewables.

As one of the sunniest countries on earth, Australia can lead the world by rapidly transitioning to renewable technology, protecting our planet from the threat of climate change and creating the jobs of the future.


Unlike the Labor and Liberal parties, the Greens refuse to take donations from the big energy retail companies. That means we are entirely focused on what’s good for our community - not what suits big corporate donors. We can’t be bought and we won’t sell you out. 

This initiative is part of our economic plan for Australia – a plan that is backed by an increasing number of experts who agree that the current economic system is failing people. This plan is fully costed and achievable.


  1. Energy is generated through renewables, not through coal, gas and renewables
  2. That renewable energy is bought wholesale by Power Australia, a non-profit government provider; rather than “retailers” like AGL, Origin Energy & Energy Australia 
  3. Power Australia sells electricity to customers without the profit markup; rather than private corporations marking up the price to make huge profits
  4. All Australians have guaranteed access to cheap, clean and reliable electricity


The Greens are the party of public ownership. We believe everyone should have affordable and reliable access to the essential services they need to live a good life. 

  1. Power, owned by the people. We'll return the electricity grid to public ownership and set up a publicly owned retailer to drive down power prices and kick off the transition to renewable energy.
  2. Lower energy prices. Re-regulate retail electricity prices to lower energy costs for homes and businesses.
  3. Banking for people, not profit. Establish a People’s Bank that will provide competition to the big four banks, create jobs, provide basic banking at cost price and focus on home-buyers, not shareholders.
  4. An NBN for all of us. Keep the NBN publicly owned, finish it using the best possible long-term technology and ensure fast, affordable and reliable services for all Australians.