Tax cuts are essential services cuts

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The Liberals’ $140 billion tax cut package has passed the Senate,  backed by One Nation and Nick Xenophon's Centre Alliance. Now, they’re coming back for more, in the form of massive tax cuts for companies and big businesses. These are tax cuts that will rip billions from our  hospitals, schools and essential services.

Corporate tax cuts are handouts for the biggest companies and biggest political donors to the old parties, including the banks and fossil fuel giants. These corporations are already notorious for avoiding their fair share of tax, and now the Liberals want to help them out even more.

The Greens will ensure that these giant companies pay their tax - no tax avoidance, and no tax cuts.

The Liberals’ short-term thinking is not the way to tackle growing economic inequality. Instead of spending hundreds of billions on tax cuts for corporations already making huge profits and ducking their share of tax, we could have universal funded Denticare, free university education, free childcare and low cost, green energy.

While the Liberals, One Nation and Centre Alliance have let our community down with their $140 billion income tax handout, the fight to stop corporate tax cuts isn’t over.

The Greens will always support growing our public services. We’re committed to building a future that works for all of us.