Stop the Stage Three Tax Cuts


Let's tax billionaires & big corporations to ease the cost of living and fund the essential services we all deserve.

By signing this, you will also hear from us about our economic justice campaigns from time to time.

We are in a cost of living crisis, yet Labor’s still giving tax cuts to billionaires and the wealthy.

That amount of money could deliver immediate cost of living relief and make people’s lives better by:

  • Cover dental and mental health under Medicare
  • Freeze rents for 2 years and build more public, community & affordable housing
  • Raise the rate of all income support payments above the poverty line
  • Make education free – from childcare to uni and TAFE

Labor has a choice: work with the Greens to stop these unfair tax cuts and fund services to help everyone, or side with Peter Dutton to funnel more money into the pockets of billionaires and the wealthy. 

Join us in calling on Labor to scrap their tax cuts for for billionaires and the wealthy and fund services to ease the cost of living instead.