Help us win a real plan for the housing crisis

The pressure is building on the Labor Government to come to the table with a plan to tackle the housing crisis.

Over the course of the next month, we have an opportunity to build the case for why we desperately need a freeze on rent increases and $5 billion invested every year in public, community and affordable housing, and why we need the government to come to the table on a far better plan.

We know our strength lies in our ability to talk to thousands of everyday people. That’s why we’re preparing a plan to speak to thousands of people across the country at their doors and at large town hall meetings. This is crucial if we're going to win a better housing plan, because the power the Greens have in Parliament is only as strong as our power in the community. 

But like everything we’ve ever pulled off, we can’t do it without a massive army of volunteers. So wherever you are in the country, sign up here and we’ll get in touch over the coming week or so about how you can be involved.

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