Asia Pacific Greens Federation

The Australian Greens provide funding to support the effective organisation and running of the APGF annual council meetings for representatives of all member parties

In March 2015 the APGF Congress took place in Wellington, New Zealand. The following year, the annual 2016 APGF Council meeting was held in Sydney after the study tour organised by the Australian Greens, while in April 2017 it was held in Liverpool in the UK following the Global Greens Congress.

At the 2015 Congress the APGF Constitution was officially adopted. In 2016, APGF expanded to include parties from the Middle East, with 18 member and associate member parties currently in APGF.

The council meetings develop stronger organisational structures and processes to improve operations and promote the growth of Green parties within the Asia-Pacific region.

Each year, memberships by new parties are reviewed and strategic plans developed for APGF. Face-to-face networking  is facilitated among the region’s membership. Specific workshop sessions are also designed to meet the current needs of the APGF members such as managing membership systems, policy development tools,  and registering as a political party.

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