Global Greens Congress

The Australian Greens support the Global Greens Congress, held once every five years

The Global Greens Congress (GGC) — the primary decision making body of the Global Greens —  is held approximately every five years in a different region of the world. The first Congress was held in Canberra in 2001.

In March–April 2017 the fourth Congress was held in Liverpool UK. A delegation of around 40 representatives from the Australian Greens attended the Congress.  We  also supported attendance for Asia Pacific Green parties (representatives from non-OECD countries) to participate in this global event. Key issues that arose relevant to our region include:  frontline climate change issues, forest degradation and natural resource depletion, human rights issues, labour issues, landless people's, empowering women in Green parties, building a green economy, and many more. The Liverpool Congress Charter and videos of keynote speeches can be found at

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