Grants and Mentoring

The Australian Greens assists the development and consolidation of emerging Green parties in the Asia Pacific Region through grants and mentoring

IDC annually assesses party building and training projects from three to four emerging parties in the region. Through small grants, the Australian Greens funds activities that build the capacity of party members to contest local elections, set up systems and procedures, and undertake training to further grow their party. IDC support is also practical and hands-on with networking, specialist support, and monitoring visits when needed to these countries.

In May 2016 the Australian Greens hosted a study tour for Asia-Pacific Greens just prior to our federal election. The tour comprised 24 participants from: India, Indonesia, Lebanon, the Philippines, Pakistan, Nepal, Mongolia, Japan, Taiwan, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, plus Australian organisers. Topics covered during the tour in Sydney and Northern NSW included:  research skills, policy development, messaging, Young Greens, women in parliament, climate change issues, meeting with state and federal MPs, meeting with candidates on how to run an election campaign, and working and campaigning in a regional electorate. The tour was deemed to be extremely useful for all participants with the recommendation such tours take place every two years.

Each year the IDC review applications for this program funding to support emerging parties for the financial year ahead. In 2017-18 projects are being funded in Atjeh (Indonesia), India, Nepal, Indonesia, and the Solomon Islands.  A specific project through the Asia Pacific Greens Federation Women’s Network is also being implemented to empower women both within the operation of parties and to encourage them to stand as candidates for election throughout the Asia, the Pacific, and Middle East regions.  We are also reviewing our recent project in Bangladesh. We also fund an internship with the Asia Pacific Greens Federation, and another for a member of the Indonesian Greens to be hosted by the South Australian Greens.

For further information please contact the Australian Greens International Development Coordinator, Michelle Sheather.

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