And so, to an ending


When these things happen, they happen fast...

By Scott Ludlam

“Can't say I've ever been too fond of beginnings, myself. Messy little things. Give me a good ending anytime. You know where you are with an ending.” - Neil Gaiman

And so, to an ending. When these things happen, they happen fast: three days for confirmation from the NZ High Commission, a day in transit, two days of preparation, the day of the announcement. A seven-day spell that began in UN Committee Room 1 as the world gathered to ban nuclear weapons, and ended with spontaneous, shell-shocked drinks at Rach's office after one last press conference.

There is no way to summarise, in a few paragraphs, how proud I am with everything our team achieved over nine years, and no way to properly give voice to how sorry I am that this chapter closed so sharply on an avoidable administrative error. As I write, the High Court is mulling over how to deal with two unexpected senate vacancies and the possibility of at least two more. One thing seems reasonably likely: the seat will stay with the Greens (WA), and so our work continues. Whether it be opposition to the violent treatment of refugees, contending with our increasingly dangerous ally the United States, or providing that voice of reason on inequality and environmental protection, our work has never been more important. Each of us, no matter our role, is just a temporary custodian of something way bigger than any of us.

It has, nonetheless, been a rough few weeks. The Fremantle team stepped up to the mournful task in a way that made us all proud, and as ever, Rach and her team were wonderfully supportive. Huge thanks to Giz and the GWA crew for staying steady in rough weather, and to Richard, Cate and the leaders office staff who went above and beyond to keep things grounded.

The biggest thanks of all go to you, for believing in our work, for your tireless campaigning, and for all your messages of support. Like we have before we pick up, dust off, and lean back in. Thank you for everything that you do.