Green Magazine

August 2021


A good, bad and ugly month

Between COVID, Afghanistan and the latest IPCC report, it’s been particularly hard to find hope in August. But there are some bright spots amongst the shadows.

Why write a history of the Greens WA?

The Greens (WA) recently undertook a comprehensive history project to catalogue its journey as a party. What did they find out?

Is green growth possible?

Green technologies alone won’t solve our climate and extinction crises unless we also address the growth imperative.

Also this month

A farewell to Rachel Siewert

Sixteen years, a handful of elections and an immeasurable impact – Senator Rachel Siewert’s service and passion cannot be overstated. In her valedictory speech delivered to the Senate this month, Rachel reflects on her achievements and laments that which is left unfinished.

The situation is hopeless. We must take the next step

There is no doubt we face a climate emergency, and given the political realities many feel that the situation is hopeless. However, we must take the next step. Here’s how.