The end of another strange year


It’s been a tough two years of COVID and unfortunately the end isn’t quite as close as we previously thought. It’s ok to feel sadness and Dread, but as we come to the end of 2021 it’s also worth remembering the good things, too.

By Adam Bandt

Many of us feel like we’re crawling towards the finish line this year. It’s been a tough two years of COVID, and now with Omicron cases climbing, it makes sense that some of us are walking into the holidays fending off a bit of the old dread.

I get it – I feel it too! But it’s also worth reminding ourselves what a good year we’ve had.

It is almost now universally accepted that a minority Parliament is on the cards at the election, where the Greens will be in a powerful position.

Although the Glasgow climate summit didn’t deliver the plan needed to stop global warming, it reinforced the need to cut pollution by 2030 to limit heating to 1.5 degrees, exposing both Liberal and Labor as doing less than what the science requires, leaving the Greens with the only science-based climate plan.

And our push to make the billionaires and big corporations pay their fair share of tax is also gaining traction.

We’ll be at the polls in a few short months, so it’s time to rest up and relax after a tough year, knowing we are in a strong position as we head to one of the most crucial elections the country has faced for a while.

With love from the Greens, here are a few things to remember this holiday season:

  1. Masks. As NSW Green Jenny Leong reminded us this week, even if they’re not mandatory where you are now, they still go a long way to keeping us safe, especially in high density retail and hospitality settings. And on that point:

  2. Solidarity with retail and hospitality workers. The holidays are already a stressful time for this overly casualised workforce, but now after years of job insecurity, they’re also on the frontline of enforcing the vaccine mandate, and often copping the associated abuse from punters. Patience, kindness, and if you’re in a position to, generous tips, will all go a long way towards ensuring everyone has a good holiday season.

  3. Book your booster. As soon as you’re eligible.

  4. And finally, remember this sage advice from @julesfurious on Twitter and First Dog on the Moon in the Guardian this week:

    “This Christmas, don’t try to fix your racist uncle who doesn’t believe in vaccines or climate change. Sit at the kids’ table and radicalise them instead, it’s more effective and lots more fun.”

Happy holidays from all of us at the Greens. Stay safe, and we’ll see you in January to get organised and win balance of power at the next election.

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