Green Magazine

February 2022


Statement from the Australian Greens on Ukraine

The Australian Greens condemn Vladimir Putin’s military aggression in the Ukraine, as we condemn all military aggression.

80-ish days until the election

We’re about 80 days away from being able to turf out this terrible government.

A new podcast for Auspol nerds

Can’t get enough politics in your day? You should check out Serious Danger, a new podcast about our broken political system and its greatest threat: the Greens.

Also this month

Ending violence against women

In the 12 years since the National Plan to Reduce Violence against women was adopted, at least 700 women have been killed by violence. Ahead of International Women‘s Day on March 8, the Greens have just launched a holistic plan to address the conditions and behaviours that perpetuate violence against women.

Let’s talk about economic inequality

Covid-19 has completely laid bare the economic inequality that is the backbone of our capitalist system. So why do we continue to accept that vast levels of inequality resulting from the market economy are rational or fair?