From the Global Greens


1. Asia Pacific Greens Federation (APGF)
The APGF is currently looking at ways that the structure, constitution and rules, as well as membership of the Coordination Committee can be resolved without holding a full Congress.

The APGF is facing a difficult period with our funding from the Australian Political Parties for Democracy Program being cancelled. This means that there is no funding available for the position of APGF Secretary.

 2. Global Greens
The European Greens are busy preparing for their elections in May this year.

Congratulations to the Canadian Greens for winning their first seat in the Legislative Assembly in British Columbia.

3.  Be Green Globally
We are edging closer to the inaugural Be Green Globally event – an international Green party initiative that will bring the Green parties of Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US together.  We will launch on the 13th of April with an “Ask the Leader Anything” Twitter feed.  Over the course of 10 days each party will put the light on the key themes:

  1. Green Economy
  2. Respect Diversity
  3. Climate Change.

Keep an eye on your inbox for more details.