Green Magazine

January 2021


An interview with climate scientist Michael E Mann

Renowned climate scientist Michael E. Mann speaks to us about everything from capitalism to coronavirus, and why he thinks Australia needs Greens in government.

Getting to know our new MPs: Jo Clay

In the next installment of our series that introduces our newest MPs, we speak to the ACT’s Member for Ginninderra Jo Clay.

Empowering our Green parties in the Asia Pacific

The Australian Greens are always busy fighting for a better future here at home, but the work we do around the world is just as important.

Also this month

Recognising Invasion Day as a day of mourning

After more than 200 years of colonisation, too many Australians still think 26 January is a day of celebration. Ahead of this year’s Invasion Day, Senator Lidia Thorpe asks all Australians to stand with First Nations peoples to turn this day of mourning into a day of healing – so we can move forward together as a nation.

Why the Australian Greens need a men’s wellbeing policy

At first glance, anything regarding politics has always been addressed to men’s concerns. But now is the time to intentionally address men as a gender – aim their frustration toward the things actually oppressing them: patriarchy and the ruthless form of capitalism it supports.