A Day marking our survival 

By Senator Dorinda Cox, Yamatji-Noongar Woman, First Nations portfolio holder for the Australian Greens  


This week thousands of people around the country marked January 26th, a Day of Mourning, 236 years since the British First Fleet invaded this land. A day first marked by First Nations Elders and activists on 26 January 1938, on the 150th anniversary since colonisation. 

Friday was not a day of celebration. It was a day commemorating 236 years of dispossession, inequality and destruction that continues to this day. 

We mourn the attempted destruction of First Nations languages and culture, the theft of Country and songlines, and the loss of children who were stolen from their families. We mourn for those who have died and those who still suffer injustices and inequality in systems built to keep First Nations people disenfranchised here in Australia and around the world. 

January 26th was the first major national moment since the referendum to show solidarity with First Nations people. On Friday, thousands marched in rallies and attended events around the country in a clear demonstration of unity, and respect to the resistance and resilience of First Nations people. It is clear that the movement towards First Nations justice is only growing stronger. 

This time every year we have a national conversation that can go one of two ways - are we marking the start of colonisation or showing solidarity with the oldest living culture on earth. 

Now more than ever, your voice is powerful. It’s important that we find ways to support First Nations people every day, not just January 26th, here’s some ways to do that: 

Today’s white Australia has a strong Black history. Through it all, First Nations connection to culture, Country and community has survived and remains strong. Sovereignty has never been ceded – this always was and always will be First Nations land. 


Solidarity Banner Drop in Perth


We recommit to healing together through Truth and justice for First Nations people on a pathway to Treaties. We must build a shared vision for the future of this nation based on truth-telling, listening and respecting our interconnected histories. 

The Greens acknowledge First Nations Elders and activists across this country who have stayed strong and resilient in the fight for generations. You are changing this country’s future for the better. 

Solidarity around the country with all First Nations people -  today and every day.