Green Magazine

June 2018


Tampon tax bill passes the Senate

Senator Janet Rice celebrates success in the Senate while reminding us the job to axe the tampon tax is not yet done.

EOFY and why it matters

Susan Griffiths-Sussems explains why the end of the financial year matters to the Greens and how your donation makes a difference.

Global issues at the National Conference

Global issues featured strongly at our National Conference. Three key issues were in focus: West Papua, the Western Sahara and the case for a GDP alternative.

Also this month

Towards ecological democracy

Director of the Green Institute, Tim Hollo, makes the case for an 'ecological democracy': a model of political practice founded on cooperative, agonistic, consensus-based engagement.

The extinction: by climate or design?

Global warming has become a huge issue. So how are the changing temperatures and rising natural disasters actually affecting the animal kingdom?