Green Magazine

March 2022


There’s nothing to celebrate about the monarchy

Motions congratulating the British royals moved in parliaments like ours are a celebration of centuries of systemic racism & exploitation by the British Empire.

The Greens’ 50th anniversary in lutruwita Tasmania

Last week we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Green movement in lutruwita Tasmania.

Quitting nukes

We must redouble our efforts to bring into full force the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Also this month

Flooding in the Northern Rivers: inequality, meet climate change

It’s never been clearer that climate change hits everyday people the hardest. Getting Greens in balance of power means we will get action not just on climate, but on housing, income support and cost of living.

We must freeze new coal, oil and gas

Either the two major parties agree on achieving net zero by 2050 or they believe in advancing new coal, gas and oil projects. Maths and physics don't let you believe in both. So which is it – net zero or new coal and gas?