National Office activities


As soon as we wrap up one election campaign with our evaluations, we are immediately on to the next.

By Brett Constable

And, of course with the completion of one campaign cycle it is time again to take stock of where we are going as a party and confirm we are heading in the right direction.

It has been a very big year with the completion of the last election campaign, undertaking the first significant strategic planning exercise since 2008, reinstigating a three-year budget and attempting to align both the hopes and expectations underpinning the strategic plan with the reality of our limited financial resources.

Changing faces

Our biggest loss this last year has been Rosanne Bersten who has worked with us on communications since before the 2013 election. Her departure was a very unfortunate outcome of the budget negotiations for the financial contributions from member bodies which underpin the activities of the Australian Greens.

In May we welcomed our new campaign coordinator, Andrew Beaton who is with us now until after the next election. He arrived primed and ready for action after his role as WA Campaign Coordinator for their state election earlier this year.

Systems and fundraising

We have embarked on a significant project this year with the migration of all our web systems to a platform which will serve the entire party much more effectively as we move forward towards ever greater demands on our systems which support our administrative and campaign activities. The migration has been very ably led by John Twyman and Andrew Cormick-Dockery in the national office, with fantastic support and assistance from Effy Elden and Seamus Lee from the Victorian and NSW offices.

Susan Griffiths-Sussems has been active on growing our fundraising capacity with work on introducing our first Inspired Adventure and a national bequests program. The results of this work are essential to enabling the party to achieve its strategic goals.

Many thanks

For 25 years and counting, our party continues to strengthen internally and extend its influence externally. This is only possible because of the clarity of our purpose and the dedication of so many to the tasks at hand and I thank everyone across the party from supporters, to members, volunteers, staff and MPs for everything each of us is able to contribute towards our achievements.

Having read all the annual reports submitted this year I am reluctant to repeat any more of their contributions so encourage you to explore the breadth of all our activities and the broader perspectives they present.