Green Magazine

November 2022


Reflections on COP27

COP27 might be over, but the work is certainly not. Senator Dorinda Cox attended the first week of the global climate summit this month to represent the views of the Australian Greens on the world stage, and she shares her experiences of her time in Egypt.

A new work and care system

At some stage of our lives, we all have to consider the needs of others at the end of or during our working day, be they ageing parents, children, disabled relatives or even friends in need. But our current work culture doesn’t adequately accommodate those needs, and that needs to change.

The radical potential of local government

Many people think local government is mostly just about fixing potholes and building playgrounds. But as Greens councillor for Brisbane Jonathan Sriranganathan explains, deep and lasting positive change comes from the bottom up – and that means we should all be seizing greater influence over the workings of local government.

Also this month

Women in local politics: a global responsibility

Erum Saleem Khan is the first female candidate for the Greens in Pakistan, where there is much work to be done to protect gender equality and women’s rights. She’s determined not to be the last, and shares how you can help ensure that.

This is what it actually looks like to protect kids in schools

Teachers in Australia teach a curriculum grounded in truth and science – not one where they can cherry-pick the bits they agree or disagree with. As a public school teacher with over 30 years of experience, Senator Penny Alllman-Payne shares her unique perspective on One Nation’s so-called ‘indoctrination of children’ bill debated in the Senate this month.