Green Magazine

September 2021


Positive steps in the face of 30 days of WTF

September has packed a hell of a lot into its 30 days. Adam Bandt counters with some positives from the Greens.

1000 days waiting for a federal ICAC: time’s up

Morrison and half his Cabinet might find themselves looking for new jobs if we had a strong corruption watchdog, Larissa Waters explains.

The Territory is hungry for political alternatives

The NT’s recent local council elections have proven that Territorians will vote for better political alternatives when they’re available.

Also this month

Introducing our new Senator from the West, Dorinda Cox

Earlier this month, Dorinda Cox became the first female Aboriginal woman from WA to be confirmed as a senator. As she embarks on this historic new chapter, Dorinda looks back at her long road to the federal Parliament and looks ahead to the change she plans to make while she’s there.

A no-brainer for our brains

Mental healthcare in Australia has been in crisis for some time already. But almost two years into this unprecedented global pandemic, it’s well past time to get our mental health care system working for all of us when we need it, says Jordon Steele-John.