What you need to know about the end of financial year


At this time of year, you’re probably getting letters and emails from organisations asking for a tax deductible donation. What does that actually mean?

By the Australian Greens

It’s almost the end of the financial year. You’ll do your tax, and make note of any donations you made to charities, because gifts made to organisations that are deductible gift recipients (DGRs) are tax deductible!

Political parties are not DGRs, but did you know you can make tax deductible contributions (donations and membership fees) up to $1,500 in a year to any political party registered under Commonwealth, state or territory legislation?

Obviously, we’d like it very much if you made them to the Greens!

Your gift will be omitted from the amount of money you pay tax on. So, if you earn $30,000 per year and donate $1,500, you will only pay tax on $28,500.

Why EOFY matters

While there has been some debate in the not-for-profit sector about the relevance of EOFY appeals, there is little doubt that, for the Greens, tax deductibility matters.

Although most of our communication is online to save money and paper, the highest performing platform for fundraising has always been our appeal letters at the end of the financial year.

Why, in this day and age, do we send snail mail? Because it works. And for many people (who might not open emails or dig them out of the trash folder), it’s our only chance to make a connection.

This June appeal we have a target to raise enough funds to reach every Australian with our recovery plan.

As you might know, this is our plan to reshape our economy after COVID-19 – so it looks after us all, and addresses the climate crisis at the same time.

Can you donate by June 30?

With your support, we can keep the pressure on. A fairer Australia should never look like the status quo we had before. After all, that’s the system we had to dismantle just to survive this pandemic.

Your support of our EOFY appeal is critical to the campaigning activity that happens on the ground in your state. As you know, we Greens do not accept donations from the big end of town. We rely on donations from our members and supporters – people like you.

So, as you ferret about in your paperwork, trying to pull it all together for your tax agent, remember to make your tax deductible donation to your favourite organisation (hint: it’s the Greens) before June 30. Because together, we are powerful!

We have four days left before the end of financial year to raise the money to reach every Australian with our plan – please donate now to help us power our plan around the country!

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