Green Magazine

October 2019


What’s next? Declaring a climate emergency

Right now we are witnessing a genuine grassroots movement calling for climate justice that is building with unstoppable momentum – and it’s because of you.

Slow-learning white woman

Former national co-convenor Rebecca Galdies examines what she can do to dismantle oppressive colonial structures and why it’s so important.

Medicare matters

The Greens have long championed Medicare – and this week we learnt firsthand the power of robust public healthcare when Richard Di Natale had knee surgery.

Also this month

Our greening planet

It’s been a huge year for global climate events, with mass mobilisation movements and other community-powered groups responding in a big way. The Global Greens are right there in the thick of it, working to achieve a sustainable, fair and carbon-free future for all of us.

Inside the Greens: a book review

Journalist Paddy Manning’s new book Inside the Greens investigates the personalities, policies and turning points that formed the party. Our long-term honorary archivist Colin Smith reviews the book, commenting on more than 25 years of triumphs, tribulations – and what comes next.